In-District PD Opportunity

Summer 2016

FCS Summer PD Option - Attend and/or Present

Summer is coming soon, and this summer, FCS would like to offer 1 to 2 days of in-district professional development sessions. The set-up would be very similar to the PD sessions held last summer for the two weather make-up days (various sessions offered in classrooms at the Tech. & PD Center).

Ideally, if we could get enough interest and enough presenters to have 8-12 sessions, we could host 1-2 days of professional development!

The purpose of this flyer is to provide an OVERVIEW and get feedback on how many faculty would be interested in attending and/or possibly presenting sessions of this kind.


Take a look below, and use the form at the bottom to respond about your interest level!

What tools and strategies do you want to learn more about?

Have you had success with tools and/or strategies that you can share with others?

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We have been implementing many strategies for student engagement this year! Here are some topics to consider:

Google/Apple Tips

We will have both iPads AND Chromebooks in students' hands next year -- what tips do you want to learn and what might you be able to share with others?

Looking at Student Work

Practical examples of ways teachers & departments can look at student work for more than just grading purposes; i.e. mastery of standards, depth of knowledge, assignment alignment to standards, support for struggling learners, and MORE!

Would you attend? Would you present?

The ideas above are not exhaustive -- we have experts right here in Florence City Schools! What other topics have had an impact on your instruction?

Use the form below to indicate your interest level and add to the brainstorm of session ideas!