7-3 Newsletter

By: Samra Vilic, Megan Heil, Zainab Ahmed, & Andrew Serrano

Happy Halloween!

This is our first newsletter! In our newsletter we will include updates of upcoming tests and other things we did in class. PBIS events, Jokes,comics, and other things that are going around in the world will also be included. Every month we will have a question for all of you to answer, the next month we will have the results of the question. We will also hold competitions in which we will pick the top 3 people (of the contest) and you are going to pick the winner. Anyone in our house can enter.

PBIS Event

Outdoor Day! Pay your teacher 5 Raptor tickets, then go outside and have fun during 8th period! You can play with the equipment or sit and talk with your friends.

Here's What's Happening in Class!


Reading (Regular)- Mrs. Heimke's reading class will start reading a novel by the end of this Month.

Reading (Honors)- Mrs. Hiemke's honors class is reading a novel called,"The Legend of sleeping Hollow" and will continue reading the novel.

Language Arts (classes)- 6+1 Traits of Writing.


All Classes- In Mr.Tharp's classes then we took a test/ quiz over microscopes. Also we got done learning about charts including, pie, line, and bar graphs. Now we are learning about cells.


Language Arts- In Mrs. Hamel's language arts classes, they are working different types of poems and finding "their own" structure.

Literature- For her literature class, they were working on quote notes, learning from mistakes, computers responsibility, and unreasonable lessons. Also on every Thursday her students got a chance to go to the Library and check-out a new book.

Math & Social Studies

Math Honors-
Regular Math-
They are learning how to multiply, divide, add, and subtract fractions and decimals.
Social Studies (classes)- We are on our Pilgrimage, discovering what role the church played in the Roman Empire.


Conferences: Oct.13-Wednesday, Oct.19-Wednesday, and Oct.20-Thursday
Instagram: @ERMS7.3