The Borden Murders

A non-fiction murder story that will make you wonder.

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What really happened?

You might know of the legend of Lizzie Borden, and if you don't the story The Borden Murders explains what happened. Just to save the time, Lizzie Borden was was the girl who "got away" with murder. How? Lizzie was the murderer, that murderer's looked up to. Why, you ask I'll explain.

Lizzie Borden said "She was in the garden" when the murderer was killing her parents, pick grapes. She said she had no idea someone was in the house, when she went to go in side she saw her dead parents. The police where there in seconds, they ask what happened Lizzie sat the with no sight of a tear on her face, only if people showed up. The weird thing about Lizzie's story is when the "murderer" went to kill her parents, and escape. He would still be in the house, because the bodies were just recent and when Lizzie came in to the house he would have been there or hiding. There was no one in the house when the police checked every nook and cranny, but what makes Lizzie so special? Lizzie was very smart so when people try to hide evidence, its not likely they wont be caught. Lizzie was the one who made it possible. When the police asked for her dress that she wore the very day of the murder, she burned it, hid the axe that was the weapon...but the only thing that left cops wondering was her story.

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