James Edward Maceo West

By Isabel Verdugo G.

Born date

Born: February 10, 1931 (83 years old)

Why he was Famous ?

What he is famous for

James west is famous because he invented things like electric microphone.


As a child he intrigued on how things worked out. He enjoyed taking apart appliances.


James West headed to Temple University in 1953 to study physics and work during the summers.


His adulthood was like that he became a inventor and he invented a hearing aid for older people.


"My father introduce me to three black me who had earned doctorates in chemistry."

Life Lesson

I've learned about James west is a famous inventor and scientist.

Five Words

royal , intelligent , inventor , smart , royal.

Five Facts

1. He received a bachelor's degree in physics in 1957.

2. He invented a microphone, telephone ,tape recorder camcorders, baby monitor, and hearing aids.

3. James west is a USA inventor and a professor in 1962.

4. He enjoyed taking apart appliances.

5. James West used 90 percent of contemporary microphone.