The Sword of Shannara

Terry Brooks

Will Shea get the Sword of Shannara in time to save the world from the evil Warlock Lord?

Read The Sword of Shannara to find out

"True to the genre of the heroic quest, Terry Brooks creates a fantasy world both wonderfully romantic and hideously evil... He is certainly a major new writer of fantasy and is already at work on a sequel."


Chicago Tribune

"Every now and again advanced word gets around about a book that's special. This is one such. It is an epic fantasy of grand style. Brooks's imaginative spellbinder weaves old threads and patterns into a new designs and textures that keep as touchstones familiar things while fashioning from them a fresh fabric that delights."

~ Publishers Weekly

"Brooks unfolds a luxurious tapestry of adventure, studded with exciting action and sparkling with several sharp characterizations... this first novel is a superior sword-and-sorcery tale for adult tastes."

~ALA Booklist


This book takes place in the 4 Lands, The Southland, The Eastland, The Northland, and The Westland. It takes place during the Middle ages time period.


Shea had a very normal life until the famed historian Allanon came to visit him at his home in Shady Vale. The historian tells Shea the history of the 4 races, because he is the lost heir of the Shannara ancestry. This means he is the only person who can use the Sword of Shannara, the only thing that can destroy the evil Warlock Lord and save the world.

What was the best part of the novel?

The best part of the novel was when the main group of characters meet for the first time all together. This group of characters was the main group of characters that travel to find the Sword of Shannara at the forbidding tower of Paranor. When they all meet for the first time they really don't get along all that well but at the end of the journey they become very good friends.

What was the purpose of the author writing this book?

Terry Brooks wrote this book to show that even the most unlikely of characters can achieve great things. He also wrote this to show a different kind of vocabulary that most people don't normally see. Terry wrote this to tell that the truth is a very powerful tool.

Caleb H