Food for Thought

December 19th

School Improvement

Our overall theme is Engagement for this school year. Under this theme the staff decided to focus on the two following Rising Star Indicators:

1. IIIA01: All teachers are guided by a document that aligns standards, curriculum, instruction, and assessment

2. CL7: The environment of the school (physical, social, emotional, and behavioral) is safe, welcoming, and conducive to learning.

Questions to think about with these two indicators:

IIIA01What outcomes/standards are students expected to engage in?

What curriculum/materials will students engage in to meet these outcomes/standards?

What instructional strategies need to be in place to provide for optimal intellectual engagement for students?

What assessments will be used to determine if students engaged in the outcomes/standards we determined?

CL7: How can we engage students with their peers, teachers, and community to promote a positive learning environment?

We will continue to work with staff to see the alignment between our Early Release Days and our School Improvement Goals.


Formative Assessment 9/12, 9/19, 9/26, 10/3

Domain 3 10/24

Time to work on IIA01 11/14, 11/21

Performance Tasks 12/12


Domain 2: 10/10, 10/17

Integration 12/5

Engaged to be Effective

Text Rendering

1. Students are given a piece of text to read

2. Teacher asks students to highlight a sentence, a phrase, and a word that they find significant

3. Students Round Robin in groups their sentences, phrases, and words

4. A scribe should record the phrases and the words for the group

5. Class then discusses the essence of the text

The picture is of students in Ms Froy's room using this strategy with an article!

email Julie if you would like to see this modeled!

Morale Boosters

Jan. 14th-Treat Day

"Everyday Amazings"

You Rock!

  • Rupal rocks for the "Coaching by the Copier" .... clever and informative!
  • Annette Mongoven let me record her speaking about the wrap team for my conference presentation this week! She is very eloquent and inspiring!
  • I would like to put a You Rock out to you both for the great job you have been doing in motivating, inspiring and pushing staff to strive for better teaching and engagement with our students and families!
  • Monica and Michelle rock for being such enthusiastic encouraging leaders!


  • Gabrielle & Sara G, thank you for organizing our End of the Year Party.

  • Thanks to Theresa and Miguel for covering during AM supervision! The safety of our students is so important and your help is very appreciated.

  • Rupal rocks for teaching my students to publish informative writing using book creator!

  • You rock 4th grade for working with students to empty the shelf!

  • Annabel and Sharman rock for a great performance for Chimes and Rhymes and Chorus

  • Georgianne rocks for going the extra mile to learn about her families and communicate with them on a regular basis!

  • Carol rocks for all she has done for JA. We will miss you!

  • Debbie A. rocks for challenging her first graders to think critically to problem solve in math!

  • Shari Fox rocks for having her students create Alphabet Books on the book they read and present them on ipads.

  • Mulit-Age rocks for collaborating as a team!

  • Ken rocks for organizing MAP testing and getting all the make-ups done.

  • Our resource staff rocks for helping us with strategies to work with our neediest students. I really appreciate their expertise.

  • The WHOLE Staff rocks for putting their best forward each and every day!

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