By Logan and hunter

Info of congullio national park

Some of our land forms are one huge mountain a lake and jungles.

Our national parks climate is a warm and dry climate usually around 63 degrees.

Some of the vegetation is guacamole fruit

Our important land formation is a mountain.

Our flora is raulies and our fauna is pumas and pudu and chilla fox.

The rare species is the pudu and the chilla fox.

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Fun facts!

the new movie walking with Dinosaurs was filmed in conguillio national park.

Top two reasons why conguillio national park is so important.

1.they have a volcano that erupted in 2009 and they have a araucaria tree


the park was declared in 1950.also the park was declared a preastoric park becouse of all the dinisours that lived there

who ensures or protects conguillio national park

right now the governmnt controlls the park,.

why this park is fun to visit

The fun thing to do is to go camping at the camp grounds with your family.And you can go water skiing.


The climate is mainly overcast and around 63 degrees.

threats to conguillio

they are creating land sence's for movies and that is taking away wildlife.