Classroom Newsletter

Mrs. Polites, Grade 3, Room 104

Upcoming Events: Week of October 17-21

  • College-Go week. Wear your favorite college gear each day.
  • Oct. 25: Picture Retakes
  • Oct. 27: Class Parties
  • Oct. 28: Fall Break, NO SCHOOL
  • Oct. 31: Fall Break, NO SCHOOL

Spelling List

Unit 8

1. inch
2. wreck
3. knee
4. patch
5. wrap
6. knot
7. watch
8. knife
9. stretch
10. write
11. knew
12. knock
13. match
14. wrong
15. know
16. catch
17. wrinkle
18. knuckle


The Harvest Birds
Target Vocabulary List

1. Harvest
2. Separate
3. Ashamed
4. Borders
5. Advice
6. Borrow
7. Patch
8. Serious

Focus for the Week: Paragraph Writing, Word Choice, Conclusions, Literal and Nonliteral Meanings, Infer/Predict, Silent Letters kn and wr, Fluency, Context Clues, and Using Commas.

Math: Chapter 4 and Telling Time

Ch. 4: Meanings of Multiplication

1. Multiplication and Arrays
2. Arrays
3. Commutative Property
4. Writing Multiplication Stories

Use Pages 112 & 113 as a Study Guide for the Test on Thursday, October 20

Friday we will begin Chapter 12
1. Tell time to the nearest half hour, quarter hour, and minute.
2. Elapsed time.
3. Digital and analog clocks
4. Problem Solving: Elapsed Time.
In an effort to see who actually reads all the way to the end of the newsletter, on a sheet of paper, tell me the name of the spider you are researching for science, and one interesting fact you have learned about it so far. I will give extra credit to slips brought in on Monday morning. Don't forget to put your name on it!!!