Latin American Leaders

In South America and Middle America

Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar was a Venezuelan military leader for the independence of his home country who was born July 24, 1783 in Caracas, Venezuela. During 1799, Bolivar moved to Spain to further his education and since his parents were of Spanish descendant with successful gold and copper mines that they owned, Bolivar was placed in the social class of the creoles. Simon Bolivar died in December of 1830 in Santa Marta, Colombia after a military battle of tuberculosis.

Bolivar's Fight for Independence

Simon strived for the independence of his own country Venezuela and during his mission to remove Spanish control other countries like Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, and Peru seeked his help in doing the same for their country. Those specific countries yearned for independence because of the high taxes they had to pay, the limited opportunities that they were given, and also the mismanagement of their nation. During his quest for the independence, Bolivar created a wrest control campaign of those countries from the Spanish and after having to flee to Jamaica he gained the support of Haiti to invade Venezuela and became involved in military battles that resulted in gaining the claim of several territories.

Jose Maria Morelos

Jose Maria Morelos was a revolutionary priest born September 30th of 1765 in Valladolid, Mexico into the social class of the natives and slaves working as a muleteer and cowhand. Morelos was appointed leadership and took commandment of the Mexican independence movement after the death of Miguel Hidalgo, who partnered with Morelos seeking independence of Mexico. Jose Morelos later died in December of 1815 after being caught by the royalist who executed him for attempting to overthrow the Spanish government.

Morelos Fight for Independence

Morelos helped the country of Mexico seek independence after the Spanish conquistadors invaded intending to take over their nation to benefit themselves financially, but ended in brutally slaying, torturing, enforcing the Encomienda system, and also stealing their riches that they worked hard to achieve. Those were some of the reasons why Mexico wanted their nation's independence because they simply deserved it and felt that the Spanish had no reason to treat them harshly. Some things that Jose did in order to achieve their independence was contacting the Congress of Chilpancingo to form a government for the natives and creating a rebel army army against the Spaniards gaining a lot of territory using guerilla warfare tactics.