Chorus Project

By Jessica Brown and Tinsley Ratliff

Pura Vida

- Contains 3 parts.

- Time Signature:



Written by: Cristi Cary Miller

Interesting Facts

- This song is a Latin original.

- Rhythmic vocal lines are layered in this song.

- It has two different languages shown in this song; Spanish and English.

- The arranger of this song started her music career as co-director at Putnam City Honor Choir. She lead them to many festivals and competitions for their talent.

Background Info

- Pura Vida means "Enjoy Life" in English.

- It's main message is "Celebrate with joy and laughter. Let's join together now and sing!"

- Published by Hal Leonard.

Contrasting from 900 Miles

- 900 Miles is all English unlike Pura Vida.

- They have different authors.

- 900 Miles is a folk song and Pura Vida is not.

- Pura Vida is more upbeat than 900 Miles which has a more gloomy feel to it.