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Good morning,

This past week we were finally able to have our Parent Information Night on Literacy Intervention and Enrichment after two postponements due to winter weather. Mrs. Josephson, Intervention Specialist, and I wanted to take this opportunity to share some information shared that evening with those of you who were not able to join us.

We talked about how the Quabbin Regional School District implemented a reinforcement/extension block during the school day this year. At Ruggles Lane this is called our WINN block which stands for What I Need Now. This is a 30 minute, daily block during which all students K-6 are working in small groups based on individual needs. Additional adults are assigned to the grade level to decrease the size of groups during this time. The staff available during this time may include: Intervention Specialist, Intervention Tutors (3), Special Education Teacher, Paraprofessionals (3). With this additional support we are able to provide children with meaningful reinforcement and extension during this daily block. Click here to access a presentation that speaks to this initiative in more detail.

Mrs. Josephson and Mrs. Potter, Title I Tutor participated in the evening and also provided an overview of our literacy program. At the heart of our literacy work, is the goal of instilling a love of reading and writing in all of our children. Reader's and Writer's Workshop is the methodology we use to achieve this goal. This approach to literacy instruction allows children to work at their individual level and pace and provides a high degree of choice as children choose their own books and the topics about which they will write. It is a highly engaging time of your child's day!

In addition to Reader's and Writer's Workshop we also discussed other aspects of our literacy program including Fundations and our assessment system. Click here to view the Powerpoint presentation that contains a great deal of information regarding the literacy program at Ruggles Lane.

Should you have any questions regarding our literacy program, please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher, Mrs. Josephson or me.

Have a safe and enjoyable week,

Ms. V

Tuesday, March 10th: School Advisory Council, 5:00

Thursday, March 12th: School Committee, 7:00

Friday, March 13th: PTO Movie Night, 7:00-9:00

Friday, March 20th: Trimester II ends

Friday, March 20th: SPRING :)

Saturday, March 21st: Music Mixer @QRHS

Tuesday, March 24th: 4th ELA Long Composition MCAS

Friday, March 27th: Report Cards Home

Monday, March 30th: 3rd ELA MCAS

Tuesday, March 31st: 3rd ELA MCAS

Wednesday, April 1st: Walk to School, 7:50 @ the Common

Wednesday, April 1st: 4th and 5th ELA MCAS

Thursday, April 2nd: 4th and 5th ELA MCAS

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MCAS Dates

Ruggles Lane students will be participating in MCAS testing in English Language Arts in the coming month. Please make sure any appointments on these days are rescheduled. Testing will take place on the following dates:

Grade 3: Monday, March 30th and Tuesday, March 31st

Grade 4: Tuesday, March 24th (Long Comp), Wednesday, April 1st and Thursday, April 2nd

Grade 5: Wednesday, April 1st and Thursday, April 2nd

Grade 6th: Thursday, April 9th and Friday, April 10th

At RLS all subjects are taught to align with the MA Frameworks. Because of this, and the skill of our teachers, all children are well prepared for this assessment. Please assist us in helping children do their best on this assessment by helping them to get a good night's sleep and to eat a healthy breakfast!

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RLS Kids are Blogging!

Kids Voice is an opportunity for students to showcase something they have been working on in class. This is an excellent opportunity for students to have an authentic writing experience and to showcase their efforts. Kids Voice IV was published last week and features a 6th grade science experiment. Stay tuned for Kids Voice V coming soon and featuring the 4th grade Wax Museum project.
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A Message from Mrs. Tuttle

Information about the Norovirus, Cold, and Flu

Winter viruses and illnesses are present! Please keep your children home if they are sick. The best way to prevent the spread of any illness is by keeping it away from others and proper hand washing! Hand washing should always be done before and after eating or preparing meals, after using the toilet, changing diapers, or helping others with the toilet. For more on proper hand washing, click here.

Common illnesses at the present time in our geographical area are the norovirus (stomach bug), colds, and influenza (flu). It’s never too late to get the flu vaccine. See your physician for information.

“Stomach Bug”/Norovirus-highly contagious- causes diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach cramps. This virus is contagious for 3 days after recovering! For more information on Norovirus, click here.

Is it a cold or the flu? Symptoms can be confusing. Usually, the flu/influenza has a sudden onset of high fevers for 3 – 4 days with severe muscle aches, and chest discomfort. Symptoms of the flu can lead to difficulty breathing. For more information, click here.

  • Students should not return to school until they have been without a fever for 24 hours, without taking medicine for a fever.
  • Students should not return to school until they have been without vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours.

Thanks for your help in preventing the spread of these illnesses,

Mrs. Tuttle, BSN, RN

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