ELA CRW Pre-work


Learning Targets

1. I can understand the 'big picture' and goal of I-SS for MS and HS ELA.
2. I can determine the non-negotiable skills that students will need to be successful in my grade level's CCSS.
3. I can determine what the ELA Baseline Assessments should look like.
4. I can create helpful documents for the Curriculum Guide for teachers to understand the CCSS ELA and attain more consistency across the district.
5. I can improve the learning targets, criteria for success, and sequencing on the Curriculum Guide based on feedback from teachers.
6. I can improve the district Benchmark Assessments based on feedback from teachers.
7. I can give feedback on the work that needs to be completed during 2013 CRW.

What have been some challenges or issues with implementing the Common Core State Standards for ELA this year?

Non-negotiable skills

What are the non-negotiable ELA skills that students need when they enter your grade level so that they are successful in your grade level ELA course?

Topics to discuss...

  • Baseline Assessment
  • Year/semester-at-a-glance
  • Other documents to create to help teachers

Work Time!

Work with your team on...
-Curriculum Guide: learning targets, criteria for success, sequencing, other supporting documents (use the feedback from teachers)
-Assessments: Baseline, Benchmark Assessments (use the feedback from teachers)

On your way out...

  • Complete the "Work to be done during 2013 CRW" handout
  • Leave documents in your CRW folder and leave your folder on your table