Sectionalism and Industrialization

By: Kyle Epperson

American System

The American system consisted of three parts, National Bank, Protective Tariff, and Internal Improvements. The National Bank was made to stabilize and gain money for the U.S., this would also allow the U.S. to be trusted by the people inside of the country. The protective tariff allowed protection of people's property and belongings. The internal improvements part of the American system allowed the government to fix roads and establish many of the things that they didn't currently have or didn't have that many of. Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun were a part of the whigs party and helped to establish the American system.

Cotton Gin

The Cotton Gin was created by Eli Whitney in order to help separate the seeds from the cotton to make cotton a more usable crop with less labor. The Cotton Gin ultimately led to more slavery and a spread of slavery, also crop and landowners expanded, this required these slaves to take over and run the enormous farms. The Cotton Gin was a hand cranked machine that allowed for an easy and effective way to separate the seeds from cotton without a hassle. Phineas Miller described the issue with his farm that it took too long for the seeds to be taken out of the cotton, this led to Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin

War of 1812

The war of 1812 started on June 18th, 1812 and ended on February 18th, 1815. One of the major battles was the battle of Fort Mchenry, this was a star shaped base that was prepared with cannons to blast down the British ships as they pass by. During the battle of Fort Mchenry many hot cannon balls exploded in air that led to the Star Spangled Banner, this was written by Francis Scott Key. The Leader of the U.S. army at that strong point was George Armistead.