Areas of Responsibilites

By Anthony morell

Basic Needs

Basic needs are the things that any person who is living needs to survive. Everyone's basic needs could be different but the three that everyone needs is food, shelter, and clothes. More examples are hygiene, water, and staying healthy. If these requirements aren't meant, then any child could be unhealthy, sick, or even die.


Protection is really important for child safety. To protect a child, it can be as simple as telling them rules, medicine, and or just paying attention to them. If you can protect a child then they could get kidnapped, ill, or having trouble with authorities.


Every child needs to be guided or taught a lesson so they understand whats right and wrong.. Some guides or lessons are look both ways, sharing, stranger danger, and look both ways. If you do not do these things, your kid could struggle with people around them, be disrespectful, or be in danger.


You want to teach skills to your kids so they can be ready and prepare for the future. Like most parent duties to babies are to teach them to walk, talk or use the potty. When they grow up you need to teach them how to drive, help there budget, and how to prepare for an interview. If you do not teach you kids these skills, they could struggle financially, struggle with independence, and struggle with transportation.


To nurture a child, you have be able to take care of them properly. Usually people say its a mothers instinct but some time parents need to get taught how to. Some ways you can is showing interest, encourage them, and affection. If you don't show this then your kid can struggle emotional, look for love somewhere else or feel unloved