Jarrett Young Dream Vacation

Getting there and Transportation

My dream vacation is the bahamas; located between Cuba and Florida.

I want to visit here because I've always wanted to go to a really nice beach.

I think it's great because alot of rich people go there and it's fun to swim there.

It takes 3hrs to go to Bahamas from Willis Texas.

It's 1,251 miles from Willis Texas.

I would take my girlfriend...if I had one.

I will get there by plane.

I'll stay for 1 week.


I will stay at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.

Atlantis is like a hotel and waterpark, theres slides that go under water in the ocean.

It's on an island in the Bahamas surrounded by water.

I'd pack all my good cloths and definitely a swim suit.

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Cost of Vacation

The cost for just hotel night fee would be $2520 for a week at Atlantis.

I'd spend alot of money at Atlantis.

I will eat a whole lot of seafood and try new stuff.

I won't have to spend any gas money for vehicles cause im flying.

It would be a $466 plane ticket.

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I will swim in the waterpark at the hotel and the beach

The bahamas is a beach so mainly the point is to swim at the beach.

The bahamas provide once in a lifetime fishing oppurtunities and amazing sites

I will try amazing new food and learn about how people live there and see how they live

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