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New Beginnings - Case Studies - 2 Special Orgs + More!

New Beginnings

Many of us get excited when autumn finally hits. For some, it is literally a new year and for others, the fall harkens new beginnings. Do you access feelings associated with new pencils, new shoes, new classes, notebooks and smells? I sure do.

What will you bring to this year? What will be different for you? If you are overwhelmed with clutter, take some time to decide where to begin. When I work with clients I explain about the energy of things and how to discern where to start. Here is some of the criteria we explore:

  • What would be the easiest?
  • Which area is the most important? Think uncashed checks or long-overdue bills.
  • Which is calling to you for no understandable reason? (Although I do think I understand why.)
  • Where is the light shining in, in the smallest way?

Think about starting with an area that you can sustain. You will be using it as a touchstone in the ongoing process of creating a home that replenishes, rejuvenates, relaxes and recharges you.


Client Case Studies

I know how hard it is to call me. So many emotions arise. Chief among them is the nagging feeling that you should be able to do it yourself. But as I say in my workshops: If you think this is hard, you are right! It is so much easier with someone by your side.

You might recognize yourself in some of these snippets. If so, drop me a line. I may have some insight or could come get you started, set up some systems or work with you for the long haul. Either way, we become working buddies, keeping our eyes on the prize: a free-ed up you.

A+D is a young couple with two little kids. When the wife became teary after our walk-thru, I asked: What can we accomplish today that will let you know that you actively are making change in your home? The surprising answer was the bookcase the young mother saw every time she opened her eyes in bed. We attacked it, cleared it and it now serves as an inspiring touchstone for the ongoing work we do together. Take a look below.

BC is smartly anticipating downsizing within three years. We work together to plow through paper, books, memorabilia. It is a slow and meticulous process, completely reflective of my client's style and needs. We are both learning from one another and I was so happy to see my name in her appointment book with a heart next to it.

EE has no choice but to make change in her home environment. She is overcome with papers and stuff and wonders how it happened and why it's so hard. We work together weekly and change is a-comin'. We both can feel it. We start sessions with deep and important conversations. Then we work. At the end of our time together, not only do we feel change, we see it. We're a team.

B+M+D+N+C are all people who need help with their papers. We might think we live in a paperless society but Oh My! We are drowning. My goal is to set up systems with each of them. I visit two of them weekly, as we establish the systems. Another person is an elderly woman, who I visit monthly to make sure her bills are paid and paper is organized.

New Homes for 2 Terrific Orgs

Two of my favorite places in Philly have new homes. The Resource Exchange, now in South Kensington, began as a way of salvaging what was left after film or stage sets were torn down and otherwise discarded. These days you can find stacks on stacks of meticulously organized fabrics, costumes, building materials, props, office supplies and so much more. Stop by to peruse their offerings, or call in advance if you have something you'd like to donate yourself.

The Career Wardrobe just opened a second location in Landsdowne in addition to their site on Spring Garden St! Not only do they clothe women going back into the work force, their boutiques are fabulous and they accept clothing donations six days/week. Click here to learn more.

Refrigerator Recycling!

Fabulous News! In the Philly area, PECO will pick up your old refrigerator and responsibly recycle it. Plus you will receive $75 when you do! I have been involved in the preparation for home renovations so I was thrilled to find this out. Click here for all the details.

Here is another amazing resource of what to do with your things in the Philly area. It comes from my friends at ReSource Exchange. I think you will find it super comprehensive -- and dare I say - exciting?

You can still join this webinar series!

What a great way to learn and establish accountability. We meet monthly and use the Jewish calendar to anchor our decluttering. You can join at any time.

Client Comments

Thanks to my clients for the privilege of sharing time and organizing space together. I especially love the stories that arise while we work and thank you for sharing them with me. You can read some thoughts about my workshops, book and house calls here.

Gari Weilbacher's DeClutter2DeLight!

In the true spirit of interconnection, I know that when your environment is clear, you are freed up to bring your best self to the world in all ways. Visit my website to learn more. You can do this!

I look forward to meeting you soon -- Gari