American Economy In The 1920's

Jennie Herrera

During this time things were being invented. For example automobiles, household items, and other mass-production. All this led to the economy having a bit of a twist. Why? Because people would start having other interests for things like this.

Lots of people started buying and selling the products. Because of mass production, new products on the market helped improve advertisement techniques. They were making so much money, it urged the people to own the latest things coming out. They used advertisement through radio, newspaper. This helped spread the word out better to the people than before.
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Since so much money was being gained, people started investing and buying stocks. In this era, those who bought stocks were "smart" and "sophisticated." As though to some people it seemed a bit risky, to others it was a way to just invest there money. As the economy grew, people started looking at it as way to get rich fast. So more and more people started buying stocks.
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