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November 2017

Highlighted Dates to Remember (see linked calendar for full schedule of events)

Daylight Savings Time (fall back): November 5
1st Trimester Ends: November 10
Report Cards Go Home: November 17

Parent Teacher Conferences: November 20 & 21 (PTO Candle Pick Up at MG for All)

Students Not in Session - November 20 - 24

Thank Your School Board Members on November 15th!

Principal's Page

This fall, our Board of Education will begin the strategic planning process to develop long and short range goals for the school district. The first step in the process is to have stakeholders provide input through a survey that will be released in early to mid November. If you are interested in being a member of the strategic plan committee in February, please contact Committed members are needed to help the board develop the best possible plan.

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on November 20 & 21; both evening and morning hours are available. This is a wonderful opportunity to ask any questions that you have and hear first-hand how your child is progressing.

Once again, we will offer online sign up; however, instead of using SignUp Genius - we will use PTC Wizard. Please see the link below and contact our office with ANY questions or problems. We are happy to schedule a time for you if technology is not your thing.

This is the only formal conference that we will offer throughout the year, though I encourage you to contact your child’s teacher whenever you have questions or concerns.

If you would like to conference with me, I have plenty of times available – please call or email to set up a conference time!

Mrs. Jaime Koziol, Principal

815-838-0542 x2104

Mrs. Cindy Dragosh, Secretary


Having Trouble? See the Parent Teacher Conference Wizard Guide Below (or call the office at 815-838-0542 x2100)

Stay tuned for our 2017 Strategic Plan Survey to be released November 6th.

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D91 Parent University

Monday, Nov. 6th, 6:30pm

808 Adams Street

Lockport, IL

The administration team is also excited to be offering a Parent University conducted by our Curriculum Coordinator, Erin Holland. See the flyer below for details and preregister with the provided link.
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Notes From the Nurse

I would like to remind everyone that it is cold and flu season. Please keep your child home if they are complaining of a sore throat, cough, have a fever, headache, or any other flu like symptom. Not all children with the flu will have a fever, so listen to your child’s complaints and keep them home when they do not feel well.

Preventing the spread of germs is important and keeping sick children separated from well children is a great way to prevent the spread of illness. Remind your child to wash their hands, not to share food or drinks and to keep from touching their face if at all possible. Coughing and sneezing into a tissue or the bend of their arm is also important. The staff at Milne Grove is working hard each day to keep the environment a healthy and safe place for your children. We all need to work together for prevention to be effective.

Mrs. Gilkerson, RN

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 815-838-0542 ex. 2106 or at

PTO News

November 6th--New Box Top Contest Begins

November 8th--PTO Meeting in MG LRC at 6:00pm

November 20th--Yankee Candle Pick Up at MIlne Grove 12:30-4:05 & 5:30-8:05

November 21st--Yankee Candle Pick Up at Milne Grove 8:30-11:25 & 12:30-3:05

November 28th & 29th--Papa Johns Fundraiser

Email with questions!

Like the D91 PTO on Facebook!

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The Latest from the LRC

Book Notes

In November we will begin reading this year’s state Monarch Award nominated books. Students will vote for their favorite Monarch book in March. After Winter Break we will be offering the Bluestem Bunch, a book club for third graders based on the state award program for grades 3-5.

Scholastic Book Fair

Our recent Scholastic Book Fair was a great success! We were able to get hundreds of books for the school libraries at no cost with the proceeds from your purchases! Many thanks also to the students who supported our change drive and helped us get even more books - Scholastic matched their donations with books for children in need.

Pumpkinpalooza / Food Drive

Pumkinpalooza had many great entries - check my webpage or Twitter for winners. Our FOOD DRIVE RUNS THRU NOV 13. Please continue to send in food items for Bags of Hope and the Lockport FISH pantry.

Reading Programs

Watch for info coming home soon for a NEW Chicago Wolves reading program, followed by Six Flags Read to Succeed in December. We have Guinness, a certified therapy dog, coming to school to read with students. We have started with first grade and hope to work our way through all students. The kids are loving it - as you can see in the pictures!

Volunteer Corner

Thank you to Linda Hozjan, Jaime Dixon, Peter Klauser, Katie Schuldt and Roxane Potacki for help with library tasks this month!

Mrs. Tumino ~ 815-838-0542, x2122
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Physical Education Feats

In PE during the month of October students finished up their football and bowling units. In the month of November they will begin a soccer unit where they will focus on many different skills and lead up games.

Students will continue to get their exercise in on Work Out Wednesdays and enjoy themselves on Fun Fridays!

Our students have been showing great sportsmanship during their PE classes. Many classes have gotten to Superstar in PE for following all directions, working hard, having fun and showing good sportsmanship!

Just a reminder that all students in 1st-3rd should have gym shoes everyday. With the changing weather, it is important that each child has the proper gym shoes for class. Students with sandals, flip flops or boots are not allowed to participate in PE. Kindergarteners and Early Learners should have shoes on their scheduled PE days.

Please contact Mrs. Draper at with questions about what your child is learning in gym!

Annual FISH Pantry Food Drive

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Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Drive

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Bags of Hope Weekly Food Donation Pledge

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3rd Grade

Third Grade November Newsletter


  • Please continue to read with your child each night for 20 minutes.


  • Please be working with your student on fact fluency for addition, subtraction, and multiplication each night. If you would like additional resources for fact practice, please visit the math page of the third grade website.

  • You can use the Go Math link to review lessons at home and assist with concept questions during homework. Go Math Website


  • We are currently working on our force and motion unit. Please continue to work with your child on his/her vocabulary words throughout the week.

Social Studies:

  • We are currently working on our civics unit. Please continue to work with your child on his/her vocabulary words throughout the week.

We look forward to seeing you at parent teacher conferences!

Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

The Third Grade Team

Miss Johnson, 3rd grade teacher,

Mrs. McGreevy, 3rd grade teacher,

Mrs. Steed, 3rd grade teacher,

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist,

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher,

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide,

Mrs. Heintz, Math Aide,

Check Out the Guardians of the Green Recycling Club (created by Mrs. McGreevy's Class)!

2nd Grade


  • Discuss characters, setting, problem and solution

  • Discuss the sequence of events in a story

  • Practice spelling and vocabulary words nightly

- In science they will learn how landforms can change over time

Social Studies

  • Chapter 2, Working to Meet our Needs

  • Students will learn: how make choices about needs and wants, how people can trade goods and services within their communities, and how you can save money and use banks


  • Continue to practice math facts

  • Chapter 3 skills: equal groups and repeated addition

  • Chapter 4 skills: break apart tens and ones to add, regrouping with 2 digit addition, and problem solving

The Second Grade Team

Mrs. Bolte, 2nd grade teacher,

Mrs. Georgopulos, 2nd grade teacher,

Miss Podwika, 2nd grade teacher,

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist,

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher,

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide,

Mrs. Heintz, Math Aide,

1st Grade

Superkids Reading Program:

  • Spelling and reading words ending with -- “le” “er” “ed” and “ing”

  • Read and spell new memory words

  • Understand and identify antonyms

  • Understand literary and informational text

  • Read and understand new vocabulary

Language and Writing:

  • Focus on writing complete sentences

  • Idenitfy what an opinion is

  • Writing an opinion paragraph

GO Math:

  • Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction

  • Add and subtract within 20

  • Work with addition and subtraction equations

  • Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction

  • Continuing to practice addition and subtraction flashcards within 10

  • Counting backwards to subtract

  • Using a ten frame to add and subtract

Social Studies

  • Leaders in our community, state and nation

  • Goods and services provided in our communities

  • Celebrate and learn about Veteran’s Day

  • Learn about the First Thanksgiving and how we celebrate today


  • Learning about the Moon and discovering patterns of change through its phases

The First Grade Team

Mrs. O'Halloran, 1st grade teacher,

Mrs. Preboy, 1st grade teacher,

Mrs. Stanly, 1st grade teacher,

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist,

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher,

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide,

Mrs. Heintz, Math Aide,


Students are starting to recognize some sight words and are sounding out c-v-c words like cat and Ben).. The students get so excited when they find these words in books we are reading in the classroom and in the library. As you read at home continue to look for words they know in the text.
In math, we have studying the values, formation and comparison of numbers 0-10.

We are practicing working independently, with a partner and within a small group. The students are being very respectful and responsible during these times.

Throughout November we will investigate the falling leaves by comparing their shapes, sizes, and colors. We will learn the life cycle of plants and trees and what they need to grow.

We are so thankful to all the families that have worked hard at home to enrich what we’ve done in school. Continue to read every day, practice sounds, letters, and sight words.

The Kindergarten Team

Mrs. Adams -

Mrs. Visser, Reading Specialist,

Mrs. Fiday, Special Education Teacher,

Mrs. Phillips, Reading Aide,

Mrs. Heintz, Math Aide,

Early Learners Preschool

Upcoming Events:

Week of November 6 – The Early Learners will be introduced to the letter “N” and the theme will be Native Americans. They will be making Native American headdresses and necklaces for our fall program. The Early Learners will also be introduced to the color brown and the number 5.

Week of November 13 – The Early Learners will be reviewing the letter “T” and the theme will be Thanksgiving. They will be decorating Thanksgiving placemats. The Early Learners will also be introduced to the number 6.

Week of November 20 – NO SCHOOL but scheduled HOME VISITS Monday & Tuesday, November 20th and 21st.

Week of November 27 – The Early Learners will be introduced to the letter “X”. They will also be introduced to the square shape and the number 7.

Dates to Remember:

Thursday, November 9th, Field Trip To White Oaks Library in Lockport.

Friday, November 15th, Fall Program at 2:40p.m. to 3:00p.m. in the art room

Monday & Tuesday, November 20th & 21st, NO SCHOOL, Scheduled Home Visits

Wednesday - Friday, November 22nd-24th, NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break

Please check your Early Learners folder for information on the reading family fun night which will be on Friday, November 17th at Kelvin Grove.

The PK Team

Mrs. Torkelson, PK Teacher,

Mrs. Pederson, Bilingual Liaison,

Mrs. Rishmawi, PK aide,

The Speech Spot with Mrs. Barker

Open Ended Questions

Looking for a way to keep the conversation going or to encourage higher level thinking skills? Try using open ended questions. Open ended questions are are those which can be answered in many ways. Closed ended questions require a “yes”, a “no”, or single word response and often restrict conversation. Asking open ended questions provides parents with the opportunity to see what their child is thinking or feeling. Open ended questions encourage children to take risks, since there is no right or wrong answer, and enables children to analyze and explain their own thought process or actions. Try using some of the following questions the next time you have a conversation with your child.

Sample Questions

What do you think?

What does it remind you of?

I wonder why……

How would you feel if…?

How are you going to do that?

What would happen if ….?

What can you do the next time?

What could you do to …..?

I wonder how you figured that out?

What connects these things?

What could you do instead?

How are they alike, different?

Why do you think the character…?

How did you know that?

Tell me about what you made.

Tell me how you solved the problem.

Contact Mrs. Barker at for more tips and tricks to aid in your child's speech and language development!

Savvy Solutions with Mrs. DeSandre

This Month’s Topic: Promoting Good Sportsmanship

  1. Promote that having fun is the most important part of playing the game.

  2. Teach the rules of the game or activity and continue to remind and reinforce them as the game or activity continues.

  3. Have a discussion of why cheating and/or not playing by the rules is not a fair nor fun way to play a game. Emphasize that we cannot ALWAYS win, and it is OK to lose.

  4. Control your own emotions during the game or activity. Be a good role model, your child will imitate your actions. A few good ways to do this is to remain calm during the game, laugh even when losing, shake hands or give high fives at the end of the game, etc.

  5. Always be respectful to everyone involved in the game or activity. Explain that arguing often makes the situation worse. Encourage children to talk nicely and come to an agreement. Not everything is a “big deal”.

  6. Use particular events that happened in the game or activity to teach about being a good sport. For example, “I know you hoped to get the winning basket for your team and then another team member bumped into you. I’m really proud that you controlled your feelings and showed him respect when he helped you up.”)

  7. Point out specific examples (whether on TV or at sporting events) of how good sportsmanship was shown during or after the game or activity.

  8. Let there be appropriate consequences when he/she shows poor sportsmanship. Explain that the natural consequence could be that others may not want to play with them if they are cheating, arguing, yelling, always quitting, etc.

(Resource: A Guide for Parents and Guardians: Teaching your child to be a good sport. Boulden Publishing, 2007)

Questions? Comments? Ideas for topics? Contact Mrs. DeSandre at


During the fall months, Milne Grove artists are currently working on the following projects:

All Milne Grove art students will progress into painting and the color wheel - with a focus on primary and secondary colors. Kindergarten’s first official painting will focus on the color, line, and shape found within a rainbow. Students will also learn to mix and blend the secondary colors and add white to their colors to create tints. First grade students will be working on a printmaking lesson which focused on positive and negative space and the fall color scheme - inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy, Nature Art, and the Fall season. Second grade will be starting a portrait landscape showing depth in inspiration of Sir Joshua Reynolds and his royal portraiture. Students will learn how to draw their face in correct size, shape, proportion and spacing. Third grade students have recently completed an outrageous dream bedroom design; students pushed their creativity by mapping the ultimate room with interesting layout, simple symbols, and much personal detail.

All students will also be completing artwork critiques - verbal, written, with peers, and using stickers/tokens that will motivate conversation about their artwork and the work of others.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s art class, please feel free to check the “Art Pages” on the school website, or do not hesitate to contact me directly anytime. Thank you in advance for your support of the Art Department at Milne Grove. Please let me know if I can be of assistance in any way and have a great year!

Mrs. Cravens

Music Notes

To Contact Mrs. Randolph K-8 Music & KG Chorus Director

Email: PHONE: 815-838-0737 ext. 1140

CHRISTMAS PROGRAM (Grades K-5 & KG Chorus): T. Dec. 19 (10am Change & 1:15 pm)

Parent/ Teacher Conferences: Please sign up through the web

“Jingle Bell Jukebox” (a musical featuring songs of the season in a 1950’s era soda shop) will be presented Tuesday, December 19 at 10 am & 1:15 pm in the Kelvin Grove Gym (enter Door # 1) by all students in grades K-5 and the Kelvin Grove Chorus. The Kindergarten and First Grade will perform two songs on the stage to open the musical. Second through Fifth Graders and KG Chorus will present the entire musical in the gym on the floor in front of the stage. Auditioned Chorus members will be the cast. Morning Kindergarten will perform during the 10 am show and the afternoon kindergarten will perform during the 1:15 pm show. Students are to wear nice clothes for this performance.

Check the music web page: click on tabs for each grade for homework, music, class pictures and other information. Grades 2-3 will receive worksheets for homework, and will be using Quizlet, other web sites and youtube videos for students and families to learn, sing, and share music together. Students are to put graded worksheets in their music portfolio (3-ring binder) behind Chapter 2 Theory or Chapter 2 History and have homework completed by class time each week ready to be graded. Their portfolio should have five tab dividers labeled: 1- Notes; 2 – Theory; 3 – History; 4 – Classical Is Cool; 5 – Music; and save the portfolio (binder) through 8th grade.

3rd Grade Extra Recognition: Play and pass into advanced recorder status and/or through Joy tunes web program and register under Mrs. Randolph’s class. To have accomplishments posted on class recorder chart and/or web page. Advanced students will earn recorder award at the end of the year.

Recorder Club is FREE: Fridays when we have school 8:05-8:30 at Milne Grove. Buzz in the office to come to the music room and earn stickers for music passed. Advanced students earn the opportunity to use music computers and pianos.


Parents are needed to help decorate and set-up for the Christmas Program. Please return the form to Mrs. Randolph if you can help! This year we are decorating the stage starting in November.

F. Dec.15 3pm (Old Gym closed to 10pm Dec.17)(Parents & Friends help decorate program)

M.Dec. 18 During school morning Christmas Program practice

T. Dec. 19 10am & 1:15pm Christmas Program (Grades K-5 & Chorus) KG old gym

MUSIC FUNDRAISERS:VALUCARDS $10 each good at area businesses. Contact Mrs. Randolph to purchase a discount card good EVERY Day until the end of May!

SAVE TABS FOR MUSIC! Please bring metal tabs from soda and other cans to school in a ziplock bag or large mouthed container and have students put in large white buckets in the hallway.

Want to Volunteer for the Holiday Program? Return this Form!

Citgo STEM Day on November 8th

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Substitutes Needed!!

If you like interacting with the kids, and can be flexible. If you enjoy different settings, and different age groups of kids. This is what you have been looking Contact Athena Dingels for details (must possess a bachelor's degree and be willing to obtain the sub teacher credential through ISBE).

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Early Bird Pricing Ends November 21.

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