Mad Studios Presents...

A Comedy By William Glennon

The Little Mermaid

Friday, Jan. 23rd 2015 at 6:30pm

370 1st Ave E

Cedar Rapids, IA

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Mad Studios Preformances are back again to team up with Williamsburg Jr. & Sr. High School to preform one of their best high school plays yet! A classic childhood tale comes to life on stage. This production is suitiable for an audience of all ages.


A story of a young mermaid dreams to be a human. She will do anything to make that dream to turn into reality. The mermaid ends up crossing paths with a mystery friend who says with a simple exchange of her beautiful voice, she will become a human forever. Making a daring decision risking her and the love of her life. She takes matters into her own hands to try and make everything right again. Because of her actions she makes her father happy and gets her voice back and still can marry the man of her dream..

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What - The Little Mermaid

When - November 15th

Where - Williamsburg Public Library Meeting Room A

Why Audition - Be a part of something new and different, meet new friends, and get the Brodway experience in your own home town!


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