Tyler's Tech Tips

Beginning of the 2015-2016 School Year Edition

In this Issue: Local Visits, Back to School Activities, Plickers Update, Class Dojo Tips, About Me

Local School Visits

My goal is to get into each district on a regular basis, as in every 2-3 weeks. I rotate through all the Huron County Public Schools, and I will contact your district's administration for these dates. Be looking for an email from your administration, which will contain a sign up form. Sign up for a time at your convenience and provide the area in which you would like support. Read the section "A Little About Me and My Position" below for more details. Here is a list of my upcoming school visits.

Upcoming Visits:

September 14th - Bad Axe

September 15th - Ubly

September 16th - Lakers

September 22nd - Owengage

September 24th - North Huron

September 29th - Harbor Beach

September 30th - Bad Axe

September 30th - Caseville (Afternoon only)

October 1st - Ubly

October 6th - Lakers

October 8th - Owengage

October 13th - North Huron

October 20th - Bad Axe

October 21st - Ubly

October 22nd - Harbor Beach

October 27th - Lakers

October 29th - Owengage

November 4th - North Huron

November 12th - Harbor Beach

November 17th - Owengage

Back to School Activities Using Technology

Yes, I know that you already have your back to school activities planned out. The first few weeks of school may include "Get To Know Me" activities for students to get warmed up to one another. But, chances are that you have done those same activities for the past 15 years. I know that I had a folder full of activities which I did every year. I ran across this website and think there are a lot of ways for your students to meet each other without doing those old crossword puzzles and such. Check out the list of ideas here.

Plickers Update

Plickers is one tech tool that many teachers love, and the app keeps coming out with new updates. In the most recent update, Plickers allows users to create folders to help organize their questions. Folders make it easy to not only create questions, but to make the process of using Plickers in the classroom much easier.

For those of you who do not know what Plickers is, it is a student response program (similar to clickers) that uses only ONE classroom device and QR codes. The teacher uses the classroom device (iPad, iPhone, tablet, etc.) to scan students holding QR code cards. If a student thinks the answer to a question is "A", then the student will rotate their QR code card so "A" is facing up. The teacher then scans the class using their device to collect responses. This tool not only is fun and engaging, but it gives students confidence that they will not get singled out for providing the wrong answer.

Check out Plickers here.

Class Dojo Tips and New Features

ClassDojo is a positive classroom management tool which provides parents with accurate feedback about their child. Over 3 million teachers are using this free service. Check out this website to explore 25 ways teachers are using ClassDojo.

One new ClassDojo update is a feature called Class Story. Class Story is similar to a Facebook for your classroom. It gives teachers the ability to share highlights, pictures, announcements, and links to parents to keep them informed. Parents are not able to post anything on the Class Story wall. They only have the ability to view posts on the wall and "like" them. Check out this feature in your ClassDojo account, or sign up for an account here.

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A Little About Me and My Position

For those of you that do not know me, my name is Tyler Leipprandt and I am the Instructional Technology Consultant for the HISD. I graduated from Ubly, went to Rochester College to get my teaching degree, taught in Brown City for five years, got my masters in Instructional Technology at SVSU, and am now working my second year at the HISD.

My position allows me to service all Huron County Educators with any instructional technology needs. Similar to last school year, I will be present in your district on a regular basis. As I visit your school, I am looking to work with you on your quest and need to integrate more tech into your classroom. This may be helping you use classroom devices, creating/teaching technology lessons, observing your classroom and giving suggestions, providing you with PD, helping you implement ideas from my Tech Tips Newsletter, or helping you with any other instructional technology needs.

I will get my schedule to building administrators before I make my visits, which will allow you time to think of technology you may want to implement or questions you may have. If you have questions or want to schedule a time for me to sit down with you when I am at your district, email me or flag me down if you see me in the hallway.

I love to partner with teachers, get back into the classroom, and help students become connected and more engaged. Let me know what I can do for you! To contact me, please email me at tylerl@huronisd.org or call me at (989) 269-3494.