Turning Off the Lights

Global Dimming: The End of the World

What is Global Dimming?

The gradual reduction of irradiated warmth and light received by Earth from the Sun.


The main cause is aerosols and Carbons created by human actions. It happens like this:
  1. Aerosols and Carbons get into the air
  2. They reflect light back into the sky
  3. They also become a center for water to form around (clouds)
  4. The increase in the number of clouds -> more water droplets -> more clouds -> etc.
  5. These clouds block and absorb sunlight a.k.a. our heat and light

Examples of Aerosols and Carbons

  • Aerosol cans (Frebreze , Axe, etc.)
  • Airplanes Exhaust
  • Car/Truck Exhaust
  • Factories
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“New evidence that air pollution has masked the full impact of global dimming suggests the world may soon face a heightened climate crisis.”


All of these effects hurt us. No good will ever come of these

  • Pollution -> breathing issues
  • Cancers, mostly lung
  • Extreme cold
  • No sunlight -> Death of plants
  • Death of plants -> Shutdown of the food chain
  • Death of plants -> no oxygen reproduction
  • Death of us by lack of food
China smog: 'Sky dark from air pollution' - BBC News
Global Dimming