Eruption Of A Lifetime

By: Madison Blackmon

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Volcanoes are openings in the surface of the Earth. From the melted rock forms magma. It forms at the bottom then works its way to the top. Magma turns into lava and while getting hotter and hotter collects rock and ash. When the lava reaches the top it explodes.

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When a volcano erupts it can change it surroundings dramatically. This can cause major effects on the habitats, food webs, and climate. Before the Mt. St. Helen's eruption the cold forest was filled with plentiful trees and a large lake After the eruption the lake was drained with ash, mud and tree limbs. All the organisms with a home of the lake or trees would have to find another place to live. Many animals that couldn't succeed of finding a new habitat died. The lava covered the land destroying all the plants. All of the herbivores died from starvation. Then the consumers that ate the herbivores started to die. This changed the food webs because the organisms had to adapt to find a new food source. The eruption changed biodiversity because only certain animals could survive under those circumstances .