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'Together, We Can Make a Difference.' August 30, 2019

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Principal's Point

WAY TO GO! The first five weeks were great. As we continue to build and grow a solid foundation, please have daily conversations about what is going on in the classroom. Your Hawthorne staff looks forward to communicating with you and finding great ways to grow our partnership. Many teachers use the Dojo app to communicate. Others use email and phone conversations. There is a contact list at the bottom of this newsletter. I challenge each parent to reach out to your student’s teacher in some way this next month to check in. “

Have a fabulous 3-day weekend! Mr. Butler #TAKEACTION!

Safety Drills

Dear Hawthorne Families,

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how excited the Hawthorne family is about the start of the school year and to share our process for emergency preparedness. In an effort to make sure our students and staff understand and know what to do in the case of emergencies, we plan practice drills throughout the school year. Some of these drills include procedures we practice monthly, like fire drills, and some we practice only a few times during the year, like wind/tornado drills.

We wanted you to be aware of the types of drills that we practice together in the event of a school safety concern so that you can talk with your students about these situations if they should come home with questions.

· Fire Drills – Students and staff evacuate their classrooms and exit the building. All classrooms report to a designated location outside of the school building. During these drills, cars entering campus will be stopped by staff until our perimeter is clear of students and staff.

· Wind/Tornado Drills – Students and staff report to designated locations in the building away from large windows and doors with windows. During this drill, our exterior doors will be locked so that all office staff can participate as well.

· Lockdown Drills – Our buildings are secured internally and externally. Students remain with staff and wait for directions. During these drills, if you visit campus, you may see law enforcement agencies like Warren Police, parked on our campus supporting this practice.

· Bus Evacuation Drills – Students practice exiting the bus using emergency exits upon arriving to school. During these drills, cars entering campus will be stopped by staff until our perimeter is clear of students and staff.

It is important to note that your student’s focus and cooperation during our drills is paramount. When drills are conducted, all individuals on our campus must participate, and that number can be upwards of 400 people. Paying attention, being alert and following directions allows for the best learning experience during the drills. Please reinforce this at home. Also, please know that if you are in the building when these drills are being practiced, you will be asked to practice with our school.

I appreciate your support and ask that you reach out with any questions.

Mr. Butler,


Dates to Remember

Sept. 2 Labor Day - No School

Sept. 6 HomeFest @ Warren Central High School

Sept. 16-20 Scholastic Book Fair

Sept. 16-20 Grandparents' Week

Sept. 19 PTA Meeting 6:00 pm

Sept. 27 Kindergarten Field Trip to Apple Orchard

Sept. 27 Kona Ice & Movie Night

Oct. 1 Parent / Teacher Conferences No School for Students

Oct. 3 Fall Fundraiser Kick-Off

Oct. 7-18 Fall Break NO SCHOOL

Oct. 25 Parents' Night Out (Costume Contest)

Nov. 5 Professional Development No School for Students

Nov. 27-29 Thanksgiving Holiday No School for Students

Dec. 23 - Jan 3 Winter Break

Jan. 6 School Reconvenes

HOMEFEST 2019! Friday, Sept. 6, 2019 3-7 pm

The 2019 HOMEFEST at WCHS is fast approaching! Warren Twp. PTA will be hosting a Fun Run for grades Pre-K through 8. The runs start at 4:10 pm. Inside the high school will be a carnival, vendor booths and FOOD! Enjoy the Warriors Big & Small Parade during the halftime of the Homecoming Game which starts at 7 pm.
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Attendance Matters

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Hawthorne PTA Newsletter

Welcome to the Hawthorne Elementary Facebook page. Please visit and like our page.


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To Report Your Child Absent...

Please call the school nurse at 532-3954. Leave your child's name, teacher's name and the reason for the absence. Spanish? Call 317-532-3980 ext. 3981

Grade Level Newsletters

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