The Red Cross

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Mission Statement

The Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.

Our Role in Darfur

Our role is to ensure that the people directly affected by armed conflict in Darfur are protected in accordance with international humanitarian law, receive emergency aid, medical care, and livelihood support. We are currently working with the Sudan Red Crescent and the International Committee of the Red Cross in darfur to give aid to the refugees in Darfur.

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Our Role Protecting Human Rights in Darfur

We have given assistance to more than 300,000 people affected by the conflict in Darfur by providing food aid, water supplies, and health care, as well as agricultural tools and seeds to help people maintain self-sufficiency and protect their human rights.

The Human rights we are protecting are:

  • Article 1- We are all born free and equal
  • Article 2- Don't discriminate
  • Article 3- The right to life
  • Article 14- The right to seek a safe place to live

Our Authority Addressing the Mission

We have the U.N to protect them, because they are a part of America. They have the duty to aid the people who are in need of help. With the U.N's support we are able to get and dispense supplies necessary for the people in Darfur to survive. The U.N. has been a great supporter for us to have during this crisis to aid the people in Darfur.

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Supporters and Funders of our Mission

We get money and donations of supplies from the U.N. Many donations are also given to us by citizens of all different countries. We receive help with volunteers who choose to help our cause.

Our Success in Darfur

We have made refugee camps and have operations in rural areas outside the camps where civilians are still in danger to protect the black Africans. We have provided aid to the Darfur people.