Grand view Elementary

October 14, 2016 • Issue 4 • Page 2

Around the School

The Bruneau-Grand View Joint District is always looking for ways to improve our students' learning. One way we have worked to help students be engaged in the classroom and achieve more this year is by hiring Patty Dalrymple as our district's instructional coach. Ms. Dalrymple will be working with each and every teacher this year, in addition to Mr. Wilson and Mr. Cantrell, in order to help teachers improve in their instruction.

It has been so beneficial to have Ms. Dalrymple in our classrooms to help our teachers make and meet goals with children, and to have the added layer of support for our classroom teachers. If you see Ms. Dalrymple around the building, make sure to say thank you for all she is doing for our students, teachers, and community!

Classroom Corner

Mrs. Draper (Preschool): We are having so much fun getting to know each other in Preschool! We are learning the alphabet and our names, as well as learning our shapes. We have just finished learning the characteristics of a circle!

Miss Davis (Kindergarten): These past few weeks for language arts, we have started learning more about vowels and how they help make up CVC words. In science, we just finished our unit on living and non-living things. In math we have been focusing on number identification and counting through 20.

Miss Baker (1/2): Our class is learning about penguins by reading and writing about them, as well as working on drawing them. In math, 1st graders are working on making ten, while 2nd graders are working on measurement.

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week will be starting on Tuesday, October 25 at Grand View Elementary!

Tuesday: "It's no SWEAT to be drug free!" Wear "Sweats"

Wednesday: "Snuggle up with a good Book. Stay away from Drugs" Wear "Pajamas"

Thursday: "Raider Pride - Be Drug Free! Wear "Raider T-Shirt"

Friday: "Just Say No!" Wear "Red" Red Ribbon Walk through town 12:40 p.m.