Justin, Dayne, Shianne

Being close to family.

You need to be close to your family with the time you have with them because you never know how long you will get with them.

Family always has your back even when your friends don't. It is their job to do whatever they can to keep you safe.

What is a family?

There are many different kinds of families. Everyone has their blood related family: mother, father, grandparents, etc. Many people consider their friends, sports teams, school, and even their pets family because they are around them so often.

In the movie....

In the movie Jason brings his new friend, Emily's mom, to meet his family. The family constantly is bickering about taking money from each other. Jason then realizes that money is the only reason his family ever got together, and that he had to be better and change his life while he could. Jason's family did not help him when he ran out of money and lived in the streets.