President Andrew Jackson

The so called "Common man"

Trail of tears

President Jackson removed all indian tribes from THEIR own land. Reason? Georgia was greedy for their land because of 2 things: fertile soil, and gold. He also was confronted with a treaty from the cherokees stating that they were a sovereign nation, but of course he ignored that, and went on with removal. Many got sick from diseases, harsh weather, and just of their old age.

The Spoil System

Since he was a "common man", of course all of the "common people" adored him. The spoil system occurred when Jackson handed out government jobs left and right to his people. Even the ones who weren't even qualified for that type of job.

Constitution Rule BREAKER

The Supreme court specifically stated that Georgia interfering with the cherokees was unconstitutional, and should not be supported. But Jackson had other plans, he was gonna force all indian tribes off of their land and take it over the land.

Andrew Jackson: Reinventing the Presidency

"King" Andrew

This political cartoon is addressing president Jackson as a king. By the clothes and him stepping on the constitution. They are stating that Jackson has tooo much power and needs to be stopped.