Miss Lindsay's October Newsletter

Falling into Fun!

Upcoming Events


FALL CARNIVAL: Saturday, Oct. 11 - 10am-12pm

NO SCHOOL: Oct. 23-24 (Parent Teacher Conferences)

  • I look forward to getting to know your family even better! All conferences will be held during class time; thus, there will be no preschool those days. Sign up at the link above for your time.


  • Held during class. No costumes please. Usually just for students, but if you'd like to volunteer, feel free to let me know.


  • THANKSGIVING FEAST: Nov. 20-21 (Bring favorite food to share)
  • NO SCHOOL: Nov. 24-28 (Thanksgiving Break)

Scholastic Book Clubs Deadline: Sunday Oct. 12

CLICK TO ORDER and use our class code: HZGN7.

This month, you'll get this FREE BOOK with your order!!! And every time you place an order, your classroom gets a FREE book - thanks!

Happy Birthday To:

Gracyn 10/25

Kylie 10/29

Fall weather is here!

Weather is changing fast, almost too fast. We are having more cool and crisp mornings and evenings now which means coat season. I love being outside in all weather so please send your children with warmer clothes and shoes. We will be outside every day, I will limit the amounts of time playing depending on the temperature and the weather. If you have any concerns or questions on this topic please let me know. Also, please do not send your child to school if shown any symptoms or complaining of being sick. Getting a good amount of sleep, eating well balanced diets, exercising, and washing hands always helps prevent germs and us getting sick.

One of my goals as a teacher is working with you to help your child become more independent in their self-help skills, which improves their self-esteem and leads to more confident and happier children. If you could help practice these skills with your child at home, that will help us go through our routine quicker during class:

  • Putting on and fastening coats/jackets
  • Cleaning up after themselves
  • Blowing own nose
  • Washing own hands
  • Covering nose & mouth with elbow during coughing and sneezing
  • Going to the bathroom independently

Don't worry, I am always there to help when needed. I know it takes time to develop and master these skills. We also practice good manners and showing respect to others while building our social skills.

Here are some things that we worked on this past month:

  • Letter recognition in students' first name
  • Writing the letters and forming them correctly in all upper case (unless your child has mastered the upper case, then we move to upper capital and lowercase remaining letters)
  • Proper pincer grasp while holding their writing tools
  • Cutting with scissors with proper hand control (builds fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination) with your thumb pointing up and not twisting your wrist.

Upcoming themes for this month: Fall weather and foods, apples and pumpkins, leaves, seeds, Halloween and monsters. I would love your input and ideas on these topics.

Looking forward to meeting with you all during conferences, see you all soon!

- Lindsay

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Sand fun!

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More sand fun!

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"My birthday cake" Playdough creativity!

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Having fun with playdough!

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Such concentration and problem solving with shape blocks.

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A new pet for the classroom!

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Using our writting center!

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Our 1st Spirt Day with our new sunshine shirts!

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Big image

Making music outside.

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Sorting the letters E and F using tongs to build on our fine motor and letter recognition skills!

Our first field trip fun!

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