School Library Report 2014-2015

New Hampton Elementary/Middle School


  • Re-arranged the library, both big and small room, to make it flow better.
  • Added a reading zone to the library.
  • New seating in the reading zone was purchased and new furniture was donated by Mrs. Edgar.
  • Took some desktop computers out and created a classroom space.
  • Received a laptop cart from the high school.
  • Genre-fied the Fiction Section and added new signage.
  • Trained all 3rd and 4th grade students on Destiny Quest.
  • Began teaching 3rd and 4th grade about the AEA Databases and projects using Google Docs.
  • Hosted the Fall and Spring Book Fair in the library for the first time.
  • Provided space for Awaneas, Odessy of the Mind,Girl Scouts, and site visit to meet.
  • Started a "What in the world" board for students to highlight interesting facts that they found.
  • Started an Idiom of the Week for students.
  • Began putting together a school library website.
  • Began posting activities in the library on Twitter.
  • Weeded both the general fiction and young adult fiction areas.
  • Had students fill out an end of the year survey, to help make improvements for next year.
  • Two former teachers volunteered in our library all year and helped to keep the book cycling from checkout to shelf, clip/package Campbells Soup Labels along with Boxtops for Education, cleaning, and any other items that we may not be able to get to in the library.
  • We had two eighth grade girls who came in everyday to help with random odds and ends around the library during their study hall time.
  • Compared our circulation to others around our size and found our students checkout almost double or more than many other schools our size.


  • Went into Mrs. Snyder's Room to introduce databases for a research project.
  • Worked with Mrs. Edgar's 8th grade students on database usage for a research project.
  • Discussed a collaboration partnership with Mrs. Pfaffle on blogs, books, and working with another school, but due to fixed schedule it did not work.
  • Teachers showed a shelfie presentation video in class, since the teacher librarian is not always present when they visit.

Some Library Activities This Year

Tutorial for Students after Genre-fying

New Destiny Quest 2015

Celebrated International Dot Day with 1,992,615 other participants in 91 countries!

International Dot Day 2014

Researched and Presented on Veterans Day!

Lichty- Veterans Day

A book trailer created by a student

Bud Not Buddy Book Trailer

Do You Want to Read a Book Parody Create by Middle School Students in Library

Do you Want To Read A Book Parody

An Infograph Developed from Student Survey and Circulation Information

Big image


  • Finish developing a website that is user-friendly and insightful for both staff and students.
  • Continue to work on making the space more inviting to both students and staff.
  • Continue to weed and build our collection.
  • Work more with the students and staff in the classroom in order to connect the library curriculum with the Core.
  • Begin to conduct interviews for library helpers for each year.
  • Develop multiple book clubs.
  • Find authors to invite to our school.
  • Create more interesting and exciting book displays.
  • Try to continue to implement QR Codes into the library with book trailers, recommendations, etc.
  • Bring larger STEM projects into the library for students to see. This goes with the maker-space concept.
  • Continue to research the idea of a maker-space and begin to implement it into our library.
  • Look further into the idea of a Summer Books Program.
  • Look into the idea of Peer Helpers/Tutors in the library. This would be in regards to technology, writing, and research.
  • Look into Noodletools as something for all grade levels to help with research and organization.
  • Continue to listen to all recommendations and see if we can make it work.
  • Continue to do what we feel is best for our students and teachers to help them succeed.