Online Casinos Vegas

Online Casinos Vegas

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Casino Sites Fees Are Based On A Percentage Of Its Revenue

This again will need to be clarified by the authorities prior to any decision. The other factor to consider is the very high percentages that the software manufacturers demand, we can be fairly sure that MGM will not be comfortable paying at these rates. There is hope though as Harrahs have signed up with 888 for their online software in regard to its new non American online business.

So lets do the easy thing and assume we have chosen our domain name and selected and signed up with a software provider, if only it was that simple but we can dwell on it no longer. The next step is all about visibility on the web. Defining, designing and implementing an SEO strategy will be the make or break moment for MGM in their online venture. Remember they do not figure in the first 1000 results when you type casino into google. That means that their are at least 1000 competitors in front of them. In fact the MGM Grand website is in about 1300th place.

There are many good SEO companies that could be used for this but the ideal situation when it comes to gambling online is to have a dedicated in house team to constantly work on the SEO as it changes every single day. Remember those 1299 people in front will be doing the same thing. There is leverage to be made by using the current websites but not enough to beat the current online gambling guys who are as good at this as MGM is as emptying your pockets once you hit the casino floor.

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It may be a good idea in the long run to simply buy out an existing operation and hit the ground running, again though the issue of past legal or illegal activities comes into play. SEO is now planned, staffed and up and running, the site is improving its volume of organic search traffic and things are looking up. Why should a player play online with MGM? There has to be a differentiating factor, some little incentive that the competition cannot match.

This is where we come back to the value of the properties in Las Vegas and Macau. Firstly there simply has to be a rewards program where a player online can earn points or credits towards hotel and entertainment cost's in Las Vegas or Macau. Secondly is the progressive slot jackpots.

This is where MGM could strike a killer blow. Imagine a progressive slot machine that was connected to the online gaming server, the Casinos in Las Vegas and the Casinos in Macau. The jackpot would be huge. The biggest ever progressive jackpot so far on the internet was 6.5 million Euros. We could be talking $20 million if MGM linked them all together.

In fact, as unlikely as it is to ever happen just imagine what the jackpot could be if all the operators in Las Vegas that went online joined together to offer a network progressive slot across the internet casinos and land based. Could it reach $100 million jackpot? I do not see why not. The last piece of the puzzle is the offline advertising campaign. This has be be very very clever as it needs to not only sell the product but educate the public at the same time. It is do-able and the educational aspect will certainly give the advertising execs something to get started with.

To compete with the current online casinos this advertising campaign will need to be big and well funded. The payout is there, the estimated revenue of the offshore online gaming companies in 2008 was $5.6 billion and this is when it is supposed to be illegal. The revenue when legalized could easily be double that.

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