Artillery in the Revolutionary War.

Mortars, howitzers and cannons.


In the Revolutionary War there were three types of artillery cannons, howitzers and mortars.


Cannons didn't only shoot iron balls they shot a lot of things.

What cannons shot.

One of them is a hot shot which is a regular iron ball heated that could set ships on fire and a bar or chain shot which is a bar or chain attached to two halves of a iron ball that can pull a ships mast down. There is one more and it's called a grape shot it's a hallow cannon ball filled with gun powder that will blow up and iron will Be spat out every where.

How long cannons shoot.

Cannons can shoot up to 1,000 to 2,000 yards.

Why cannons were important.

Cannons were very important because they could easily take out infantry and ships.