Austin, Texas

Capital of Texas

Place - What is it like in Austin

When you visit Austin you will notice a lot of people wearing cowboy boots and cowboy hats. People in Austin are very friendly. There are a lot of good roadhouses, and rodeos in Austin. It is also the 2nd biggest city in Texas. The population is 827,227. Austin has many awesome little stores that have some unique stuff in them.

Human Invironment Interaction - How do People in Austin with the World Around them

People in Austin TX, usually were boots,shoes or flip-flops and jeans or shorts and regular T-shirts but no snowy clothes because Austin don't get that much snow. Houses need to be strong because of all of the tornadoes and hurricanes that happen there.

Region - How is Austin similar to places around it

Austin is the 4th most populated in Texas so there are a lot of people. The climate around Austin is very similar. Weather can change very quickly around in Austin and around Austin.
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