The Emergence of modern America

Daniel Padron

The 20th century

Is the period between January 1, 1901 and December 31, 2000,


Skyscrapers first began because there was lack of land in two of America's largest cities, New York and Chicago. The lack of space created high land values and made it financially viable to build upwards. This led to a race between the two cities to build the tallest building.

el-trains and subways

Trains were invented to allow transportation of stuff or people from one place to another.

Subways were also used for easy transportation from one place to another

People thought it would be safe and better to use a train to transport different types of supplies that are needed for the other place


Elevators were first invented in the 3rd B.c they were powered by humans, animals or water they were initially created for a king now used for ordinary people to go up. Most of them are used in hospitals businesses or different places that require people to go up and down a floor.

entertainment in the 20th century

Where did people go to for fun in the 20th century? That's when people started making parks in urban areas.

They also created radios, where people could tune in and listen to the news and hear the latest music.

Movies were created too like the 20th century fox and other movie lines.

automobiles (car)

Cars were made because moving supplies from place to place was not easily accomplished with train ship and horse drawn carriage. The car was made so people could carry , food, supplies, and other necessities from one place to anther faster easier and safer. The car was a big change to the 20th century

first in flight

airplanes were used to prove that air- traver was better that train or sea and to transport people from one destination to the other. For many centuries man has desired to fly. The development of the internal combustion engine made powered flight possible. People now and days use airplanes to travel and explore the world.

Plessy v. Fergunson discrimination

Trains in the South had passenger cars for whites and other passenger cars for African-Americans. In 1892, Homer Plessy, a mixed-race passenger, refused to leave the whites-only car and was arrested. This changed the discrimination of blacks and whites making us today have equal rights.