SoZo® Select Coffee

The Healthiest Coffee in the World

Introducing SoZo® Select Coffee

The world’s only coffee to deliver the approximate antioxidant capacity of a serving of fresh blueberries, in every exquisite cup. Few people realize, coffee beans grow inside a fruit: one of the world’s best sources of antioxidants. But as powerful as it is, the coffee fruit is highly perishable, requiring special care. So everyone simply harvests the bean and throws the fruit away. Everyone, except SoZo. The first and only company to capture CoffeeBerry’s high-ORAC goodness in a healthy drink – the world’s healthiest “functional beverage” – now brings it to you in a premium Arabica bean coffee. Created with a patented process that preserves the nutrition of the whole coffee fruit, with all the flavor of the bean. The whole fruit goodness no one in the world can match.

A taste that is bold yet sweet; a full-bodied smoothness with lasting panache that will satisfy everyone, even the most discriminating palates. Our blends are hand-selected from the finest Costa Rican and Colombian Arabica coffee beans in the world, then roasted to perfection. The richest, most aromatic coffee you’ll savor cup after cup.

SoZo® Select Coffee has been certified by Hacienda La Minta coffee growers and the Rainforest Alliance, confirming our commitment to growers with the highest standards of quality; to providing a good living wage and healthy conditions for workers and their communities; and to use best farming practices to preserve forests, land and water.

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