Of the Industrial Revaluation

Orphan clothing

  • How has it evolved over time : it has not changed you could wear whatever you could find on the streets.In orphanages you would were what they supplied you with.
  • One invention that helped with clothing: the sewing machine invented by
    Josef Masquerader he was a tailor and he is the one who invented one of the first sewing machine.

Farm clothing

what did farmers clothing look like - most women would were aprons, the guys wore dress shirts with overalls over that. and boots with a straw hat.

What was a day in the life of this worker like- catering crops, milking cows, taking care of the animals.

Discuss how it has changed/evolved over time-

farmers wore suspender which were attached to pants, a long sleeved shirt, leather boots, and a hat.

Factory clothing

  • Back in the day?

  • How it has changed/evolved over time?

  • How important was it/is it to everyone?