Georgian Style

Kenzie Frisch

What is the Georgian style?

A classic Georgian style home originates from the late 1700s, and has been a popular style to this day. Some characteristics of this home would include:

-Symmetrical design

-Typically brick

-A 'hip' roof

-Symmetrical windows with window panes

-Decorated entry (Glass panel above door, decorative brick, pilasters)

-Paired fireplaces, or one center one

-Contrasting materials (Ex. Brick with white wood pilasters or window panes)

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Time Period: 1714-1830

These times were considered the colonial times. At this time, the settlers had started finally settling and the population was increasing. This was a time before technological advances. Women were constantly sewing clothes out of flax linen considering that cotton cloth didn't come until the 19th century. Typically large homes such as the Georgian style home were made from brick or wood. Most homes were built out of wood.

Fashion in the late 1700s

Both men and women were quite decorative in their clothing. Lower class people wore simpler clothing, and only owned about 2-4 outfits. Middle class and upper class people wore a lot more during this time. This included waistcoats, petticoats, breeches, colorful dresses, and jackets. Upperclass women had frilly and dainty dresses with hoop skirts.