Michael Kors Heels

Aileen, Jessica, Yanely

The Target Market

These heels are for woman any age and teenage girls.
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These are Michael Kors heels. We are selling them because they are cute shoes to go out almost anywhere. They are cute for parties, or a date. They are made of red leather featuring a round toe in the front. The high heel and sole are of python print and very comfortable to be in.
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The Michael Kors heels can be sold in their individual store. But you must go to their designer store cause most of them are not sold in any other stores. The other place you can buy them is on online. They would sell them on their website or possibly an designer store where they sell other expensive brands as well.
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The price for these heels go up to $409 dollars. If you buy one you get the other one at high price.


This brand can be promoted in magazines or michael kors website.

Often they show them on fashion bloggers. Or at fashion tv show.