Hoover's Last Stand

The Great Depression

Background Information

President Herbert Hoover was inaugurated only seven months before the start of the Great Depression. In turn, many people blamed Hoover for the Great Depression, because he was president. For example, poor, shantytowns were called "Hoovervilles", newspapers were used to keep people warm and received the name of "Hoover Blankets", and pockets turned inside out with no money in them got the name of "Hoover Flags". Citizens found it easiest to blame the depression on their president.

Hoover's Efforts to Improve the Economy

Hoover did many things to try to improve the United States Economy, but may have impacted the economy in a negative way.

Hoover signed the Hawley-Smoot Tariff in 1930 in effort to protect American industrialists. The tariff was designed to protect American industries against competition overseas. This was the largest tariff in American history. This amount of protection didn't offset the losses we experienced in foreign trade.

In 1932, Hoover created the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. This corporation gave loans to banks, corporations, and state governments. The Golden Gate Bridge was a result from this loan money.

Election of 1932

In the election of 1932, Hoover was renominated for the Republican candidate, while Roosevelt was nominated for the Democratic party. In the end, Roosevelt was victorious. Citizens rejoiced for their new leader.
The Great Depression: Hoover's Unexpected Foe