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Open House & Conferences

Open House is next Thursday, 10/13. If you do not ask parents to sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences between now and then, Open House offers an opportunity for parents to sign-up for conferences. Stephanie is always willing to sit-in with you during any tough conferences, or if she is unable, I am also willing to sit-in as additional support, just let me know!

If you choose to hold student-led conferences, these resources might be helpful.

Below are a few reminders and tips for conferences:

Before the Conference:
  • Notify parents how and when to sign-up for conferences. and are both easy to use, efficient, electronic options. If you plan to ask families to sign-up at Open House, consider letting them know beforehand so they can look at their calendars.
  • Review any student work you plan to share with your families and what you would like to learn from parents about your students.
  • Organize your notes/materials/grade cards for conferences for quick access during the visit, (chronological order of conferences or alphabetical order).
  • Create an agenda or list to help guide your conference and stay on track. Consider meeting with your students individually prior to the conference, giving students ownership in their learning and goal-setting. Information gained during the per-conference allows valuable conversations to occur about your child's areas of success and goals. Preparing beforehand using a form for notes allows you to guide the conversation during your conference and record any decisions made during the meeting for future steps. Here are a couple of options you may choose to use in the coming weeks to support student growth, which is also a valuable tool to share with parents.

During the Conference:

  • Begin with the positive and discuss progress and growth. Consider showing examples of the curriculum or a sample text at your student's current reading level and goal level.
  • Ask questions and listen actively, including input regarding their child's interests, learning styles and non-school activities.
  • Offer suggestions for helping their child from home and work collaboratively to resolve any problems.
  • Toward the end of the conference, wrap-up by making an action plan and restating any decisions made or goals set.
  • Plan any future communication methods, (future conference, phone call, email, etc.).

After the Conference:
  • Thank families for attending and follow-up with parents whom did not attend.
  • Continue regular communication with families and communicate progress toward goals.
  • Follow-up on any decisions made or unanswered questions that came up during the conference.

*Much of this information was adapted from this resource where additional information can also be found.