Oakview Elementary

Ready to Meet Jan Brett!

We Did It!

We dreamed BIG and worked hard! All of that hard work and determination, enthusiasm and encouragement led to the announcement that Jan Brett will be visiting Oakview on April 1st! Thank you to our staff, parents, community, and to our students who worked just as hard to bring Jan Brett to our school!

Top 10 Ways to Get to Know Jan Brett

10. Ask an Oakview student about her!

9. Check out one of her books at the public library: http://www.greenvillelibrary.org/index.php/books

8. Check out one of her books at the school library: http://mediacenter.greenville.k12.sc.us/quest/servlet/presentquestform.do?site=238

7. Learn about the inspiration for her books: http://janbrett.com/bookstores/mossy_book.htm and http://janbrett.com/bookstores/hedgies_lets_go_shopping.htm

6. Listen to her latest Hedge a Gram: http://janbrettvideos.com/hedge_a_grams/january_2014_hedge_a_gram.mp3

5. Read about her latest book: http://janbrett.com/bookstores/cinders_book.htm

4. Read her biography: http://janbrett.com/biography.htm

3. Visit the Upcountry History Museum to see her travelling exhibit between February and April 2014: http://www.oshkoshmuseum.org/default.asp?contentID=78

2. Draw one of the characters or animals from her books: http://www.janbrettvideos.com/video/video_main_page.htm

1. Meet her when she comes to Oakview, on April 1st!

Thank You to Our Community Supporters!