Welcome Back!

January 2022

Welcome to 2022!

Hello families and students!

I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break filled with fun, family, relaxation, and rest! I was lucky to enjoy lots of snow at Mt Hood and got a bunch of ski days in! I got to spend many hours on the couch reading and snuggling with my dog Chuck. Overall I couldn't have asked for a better break. As Monday the 3rd approached my brain switched on and was ready to get back to the locks and see all the kids. However, Mother Nature had a different plan: Snow, ice, rain, landslides.....man, it's been a week.

One thing I can tell you is that our staff are rested up after a great break and ready to get back into the classroom! Check out some pictures below of them having fun during winter break! As we return we will be focused on some growth mindset work with students through our AVID program and will be working on goal setting. We are excited to see the growth they are all capable of from now through the end of our year!

COVID Reminders

As we finish up with the holidays and time off, we need to be mindful of our health and safety. Many of us were able to enjoy time with family or friends over break and may have even traveled whether it was Stevenson, Portland, Hood River or a trip on an airplane. With this comes the possible exposure to the ever present COVID. It is extremely important as we return to the building that we are open and honest with symptoms and exposures. If you, your child, or anyone in your household has been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID you need to make decisions based on you or your child's vaccination status, symptoms etc. If you are unsure if your child should attend school just go ahead and call us at 541-374-8467 x 3790 or send a talking points text message! We can walk you through your situation. We would prefer families make decisions on the side of caution.

Remember we have other students in the building who have various existing medical conditions or who have family members at home with delicate medical conditions, pregnant moms, young babies, or elderly grandparents in their homes. We have to work together as a community to keep us all safe. We have to think beyond the walls of our own homes and know that our decisions can affect others. The city of Cascade Locks is known for its strong community values and has shown time and again that it can work together to support our neighbors and their needs. Neighbors running to the store to pick up supplies for those who cant, friends shoveling out their neighbors who are unable... COVID is no different...staying home for a few days if exposed or symptomatic is helping out your neighbors, their families and loved ones.

We have done a terrific job at Cascade Locks Elementary this fall navigating the unfun world of COVID and have been successful with no positive exposures at school. That is all due to your diligence, responsibility and prioritization of students safety and by staying home when sick or exposed.

Lets keep it up and have an amazing 2022!

See you all as soon as we can dig out and get to the school! I may need to bring a sled to get some runs on the front hill this week!


Adrienne Acosta


541-374-8467 x 3790

Quarantine Guidelines

Hood River County School District will continue to follow ODE Ready Schools, Safe Learners guidance. That guidance has not been updated (yet) related to the shortened quarantine/isolation period announced by CDC. If/when ODE updates the guidance, HRCSD will follow it. In the meantime, HRCSD continues to use the 10-day isolation/quarantine periods. There are two testing programs that modify/shorten the quarantine period for close contacts (test to stay and early release).