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January 18, 2518

Newspaper Project by Briaunna Seay, Elijah Bustos, Kayla Sanchez

Crushes (advice column)

Dear Briaunna Seay,

There is this girl at my work and she is so mysterious. She has so many secrets that she hides from the world and I want to know what they are. I think that I am falling for her but I don't know if she feels the same. What if she doesn't like me back? Should I even be liking her? She is my co-worker. It seems so wrong but I can't help it. She is just amazing, mysterious, and so many other things. I want to get to know those emotions held up inside of her. I want to know the things she has never told anyone before. What do you think I should do? Should I tell her how I feel or should I just push off the feeling? Should I break the rules and ask her out or should I play it safe and leave her alone?


The lover boy (Sam Wilson)

Dear The Lover Boy,

It seems like you really like her, but you must be willing to risk your career in order to have a relationship with her. You just need to think about how it will effect you in the long run. Do you want to give up your career and have a family with her, or do you want to keep your job and see her everyday as a co-worker? What I think about telling her. I think, when the time is right, you should tell her. She has a right to know, plus, that will show you what your heart really wants, knowing how she feels back. Just follow your heart and do what you think is right.


Briaunna Seay

Brain Jack (persuasive movie review)

Are you fascinated with hacking, coding, and programming? Do you love technology? Then Brain Jack is the movie for you.

Sam is a 17 year old boy who can hack into anything, and I mean anything, from emails to Washington D.C.! And because he is so good he gets recruited by the Cyber Defense Division (CDD) to help keep the peace in America, and to get rid of his sentence but youll figure that out later. Then after quite a few weeks the CDD gets attacked, one thing leads to another and Sam, Dodge and Vienna are wanted criminals being hunted by the CDD whom they once worked for. If you answered yes to any of my previous questions or if you like this quick and short summary then you must watch Brain Jack Brian Falkner.

Escaping (feature article)

There was a huge conflict between the main character, Sam, and the prison gaurd, Brewer. Sam is very intellegent,sneaky, brave, and quick to think. While Brewer is demanding, mean, rude, stubborn, and scary.

The conflict came when Sam tried to break out of prison. He thought he had everything covered and everything was going perfectly until, he ran into Brewer. Sam stopped dead in his tracks and didn't move a muscle but Brewer wasn't scared at all. After all, he did have a gun pointed at Sam. Sam knew he had to get out of there. The gates would be closing soon, and if they did his chance to escape would be gone. Sam took a few steps closer to the door and spotted the security camera. Suddenly, he thought of a plan. Brewer raised his gun and told Sam not to move, but Sam told Brewer he wired the security cameras to be live on the news. Sam turned around with his hands up and told Brewer that he wouldn't want to be seen shooting an unarmed teenager in the back on live television. Sam took another step. He heard brewers foot steps comming from behind him and took off running. He could have out ran Brewer if he didn't fall. Brewer grabbed him by the collar, but Sam had already slipped through the gates. Brewer couldn't pull Sam back inside because there wasn't enough of a gap. Brewer had to let go of Sam or loose his arm. Finally he yelled and let Sam go. Sam was quick to run away.

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