2D Art Reflection

By, Tannah

What have I created?

I have created several different project this year, 1st semester I was in 3D art and 2nd semester I was in 2D art. For 3D I made alot of clay things like my plates and pots and I also made a whistle shaped like a turtle. This semester I painted more. I felt like I am good with using clay. I need to work more on painting.

My favorite project

My favorite project was probably the flat clay piece. It was my favorite because I sort of carved it out and it was simple and cute. The thing that I was really proud of is my heart piece. I actually tried on that and I think the outcome of it was good, its what I pictured, and it descirbes .

For the future

When I made projects my best inspiration would be from the things that I like or alot of times pinterest. Something that I wished I could of done this year is melting crayons, or painting things on a canvas. For the future I will be taking advanced art. In advanced art I would like to make more things with oil pastel too, because I like it.


Faith mengus has inspired me because her art is cool. Also I don't really look at a specific artist. I really like zentangle pieces that I just look at on google. I like zentangle and I also like water color paint. I think that water color paintings are very pretty and zentangle is just fun and can turn into something really awesome. I really would like to be able to make something like that picture below someday.
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