What Do You Think?

Is Canada the Best Country in the World?

Changing Population

Canada's changing population makes Canada both a good and bad country. This is because Canada has had a poor history with its immigrants, but there are also benefits of living in Canada now. In the past, Canada has rejected most of its immigrants when in need. Though some were accepted, more was denied and even those who were accepted had to face racism from others already in the country. For example, the Chinese were given the Chinese Head Tax; a tax only the Chinese had to pay. Now a days, Canada is doing really well with preventing these kind of things from happening again. In my opinion, I would consider Canada a fairly safe country, but of course it does still have its flaws, though not nearly as much. Today Canada's birth and death rates really show how developed Canada is. A low death rate, it shows that Canada has the needed money and medical knowledge to help patients survive from certain sicknesses. Having a low birth rate prevents the country from becoming overpopulated. All this explains how Canada's changing population makes Canada both a good and bad question.

Interactions in the Physical Environment

Canada's physical environment is a great factor as to why people would want to, either come to or stay in Canada. This is because not many natural disasters occur within Canada, making it a fairly safe place to live. Another reason is that the land in Canada can be used for multiple needs. Canada's west coast forests have excellent growing conditions because of the mild weather and high amount of humus. The Great Lakes being situated in where they are, is a huge benefit for Canada. Having the Great Lakes within Canada provide us with a lot water for our daily needs, such as electricity and fresh drinking water. Therefore, Canada's physical environment make Canada a great country.

Managing Canada's Resources & Sustainability

When talking about Canada's resource management and sustainability, I'd wouldn't consider Canada as one of the best. This is because of not only the large scale energy project, but also because of our fishing issue. I mean yes, Canada does have industries that provide jobs, but it that enough to overshadow the rest of Canada's flaws? The answer is no. In Alberta there is a large scale energy project called the Athabasca Oil Sands. It is causing so much pollution, that many that live there have developed cancer from either breathing the air there or eating the intoxicated fish. It is not only killing many, but also destroying a once beautiful place and contaminating the water with their toxic ponds. Another example of a large energy scale project in Canada is the James Bay Project. This hydro-plant is also a big contributor of the pollution in the air and is causing deforestation. Another problem of Canada relating to its resource sustainability is the over fishing. Its said that if we keep up at this pace, there'll be no fish in the future. The amount of fish in our waters has dramatically dropped over the past few years proving this theory. This is why I don't think that Canada is doing well in both managing and sustaining its resources.
Ending Overfishing

Livable Communities

Canada is definitely a livable country. For one thing, its not over-populated and neither does it seem like it will be anytime soon. Its one of the 10 least populated countries in the world. Even if Canada where to become over-populated, we could resolve that by "building up". This means, instead of building out and occupying more space we can build up to conserve space (eg. apartments, condominiums, etc.) So far urban sprawl isn't much of a problem in Canada, but if it were ever to become one, we'd know how to solve it. Also, Canada's waste management is fairly under control. This is because we're doing a lot to raise awareness as well as prevent it. For example, garbage is picked-up daily and children are being taught the three Rs at school. In Canada, meeting residential needs isn't as much of a problem as it might be in other areas. In Canada, it isn't hard to contribute and express your opinion on certain issues or ideas. After all, it is a free country. The malls and amusement parks make Canada all the better. For example, Canada's Wonderland attracts a huge amount of tourists every year! A big contributor of Canada's success is the transportation. Every area is easy and quick to access with all its roads and highways. In my opinion, Canada is both a developed and livable community.


In the end, I don't think Canada can be considered the best or the worst country in the world. It's impossible for a country to be perfect because they'll always have flaws, but there's always a way to over-shadow them with something better. Canada has its ups and its downs and although it not may be the best country in the world, it's definitely nowhere near the bottom of the list.