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Fall 2018 Issue - dedicated to Daijha Brown (Class of 2009)

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Daijha Brown - BCS Class of 2009 - Deceased in 2016

It has been 10 years since our first graduating class in 2009. We would like to take the time to take a trip down memory lane and celebrate our crew member, Daijha Brown and the beautiful life she lived.

Here is an excerpt from Scill's graduation speech in 2016, speaking about Daijha:

"Daijha wrote in her yearbook section that her life changing moment was in 12th grade when she

realized that she had to grow up and she wasn’t a kid anymore. She said her greatest influences

were her mother for always believing in her, and to Scott for always encouraging her and helping

her to stay on track. Her quote? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

I remember Daijha fondly even though she graduated seven years ago because she was so

persistent in her education – I had never seen anyone fight so hard for their diploma before.

Daijha had cystic fibrosis which was a very debilitating condition and every day was a

struggle for her. Even when she was in so much pain, she always tried to smile and put her best

self forward. The weather was a particular trigger for her and on the coldest days of the

winter and the hottest days of summer, Daijha always gave her best effort to come to school

despite illness. She inspired me with how much responsibility she took for her own learning – that when doctors told her she was not likely to make it to her high school graduation, she took

courage every day to beat the odds.

We were all very sad in February when we found out that Daijha had passed away from

complications of her illness at the age of 25. As we always say at BCS, Daijha, you will always be

part of our crew and we remember you and all the joy you brought to our community as a

member of the Class of 2009."

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