The Skeletal System

By Mikaylah Belarma

What is the shortest bone?

The smallest bone in the body is located in the ear. It is about the length of 3 millimetres long, it is called the stirrup bone.

How many bones are there in one leg?

In one leg there 35 bones. It what helps us walk and move.

How does a skeleton move?

The skeleton is moved by the numerous muscle

How many bones are there in the whole skeletal system?

There are 206 bones altogether in the human skeleton.

How do the bones connect to each other?

Bones are connected to each other by rubbery cartilage,or flexibly linked by muscular joints.

Why do we need bones?

We need bones to help us move and do our everyday activities.

What are bones made out of?

Bones are made out of cells and living parts of the body. You can call it bone marrow.

It is a strong string material called collagen.

What is the weakest bone?

The weakest bone in the skeletal system is the ear bone. It is called the Auditory Ossicle.

Does a baby have more bones than an adult?

Babies have more bones than adults because as they grow up, some of the bones fuse together to form one bone.

How many bones are there in one finger?

In the human finger there is the total of 3 bones.

Why do we need the skeletal system?

We need the skeletal system because it protects all of our organs.