Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

An original motion picture based off the book by Grace Lin

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By a bare mountain, there is a village where everyone works in the fields all day, but don't earn much money. There are many children but, one girl stands out. That girl's name is Minli and she wants to change her family's fortune. One night she leaves home and goes on an incredible journey. She wants to meet the old man of the moon and ask him a question. After taking long and winding directions from a goldfish she meets new people, learns new things and grows. Will she suceed and meet the Man of the Moon, or will she discover that there is more to life than wealth?


This family friendly movie is the perfect way to learn and bond as a family.
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The reviews are pouring in, and they are the best a movie can get!
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An intriguing book to the last turn! I thought that the characters could come to life at any moment! --John Davis

I was inside the story, struggling to come back to the surface when to book was over. --Will Smith