Flores Class Chronicle - Week 8

October 12- October 16


Hello All,

Please take a moment to read this memo (it can get lengthy) each week. This is where we will post all the important dates and events to keep up with.

The weekly newsletters may also be found archived on our class website under the "Weekly Newsletters" page. Questions and/or comments? Please let me know!

For the love of learning,

Jan Flores


DON'T FORGET Monday we have PARENT/TEACHER conferences. If you still need to sign up please click here to visit the Signup Genius link and choose an available time slot: You DO NOT need a Signup Genius account to sign up for a time slot. Please let me know if you have trouble selecting a slot.

Please be aware that the conference schedule is tight so please arrive promptly for your designated time. If we find that we need more time than the allotted window, and I have a conference immediately after you, I will ask if we can continue our conversation via phone, email, or at another time. Please understand that I am in no way trying to brush you off, but rather attempting to respect everyone's time and crazy schedules.

If for some reason you are unable to make your original conference choice, please contact me so I can open up the time to other parents.

Current Week Schedule of Events

The Week Ahead

Please Review Our Class Special's Schedule for your Student's Rotation Day. (https://sites.google.com/a/leanderisd.org/mrs-flores/class-schedule

Monday 10/12 - Parent/Teacher Conferences (NO SCHOOL for Students)

Tuesday 10/13 -

Wednesday 10/14 -

Thursday 10/15 -

Friday 10/16 - Math Skills Check



  • Continue Personal Narratives
  • Grammar: Subject and Predicate and Prepositions


  • Continue Texas Native Americans


  • Continuing multi-step word problems
  • Division
  • Interpreting remainders
  • Begin Fractions
  • Skills check Friday 10/16


  • finish Figurative language
  • Comparing/Contrasting Characters
  • Point of View


  • Sitton Spelling Unit 7: oh, person, hot, anything, hold


  • Unit Assessment and Performance task


Please have students login to their Google Classroom accounts and complete the assignments listed. https://classroom.google.com/c/NTUyNDA1MTRa

Please NOTE.!! Students only need to log their reading at the end on the week. If you experience any difficulties, please just have your student let me know. They can always do an alternative assignment or access the assignment at school.

Headphones / Earbuds

If your child has an extra pair of inexpensive headphones or earbuds at home that they could keep in their backpack or at school, we'd appreciate it! Please make sure they're clearly labeled with your child's name.


Below you will find upcoming dates for the first semester. Please update your calendars accordingly. Please understand that dates are subject to change and more than likely will, but we will keep this list current to the best of our ability. To assist you in keeping your calendars updated, any additions or changes from the previous week's memo will be in bold.


  • SOCKTOBER - donations of clean socks (all sizes/styles) being taken outside the MPR in the mornings & in the 2nd grade neighborhood.


  • Sunday 11/1 - Daylight Savings Time - FALL BACK! - Enjoy the extra hour.
  • Friday 11/6 - Fun First Friday in 4th (Dress-Up) - Decade Day
  • Wednesday 11/11 - 4th Grade Veterans Day performance
  • Friday 11/13 - Pajama Drive Kick Off - WEAR PJ'S TO SCHOOL
  • Pajama Drive Thursday 11/13- Thursday 12/10
  • Week of 11/16 -Book Fair in the Reagan Library
  • Week of 11/16 Generations Texas week
  • Week of 11/23 - 11/27 - Thanksgiving Break


  • Thursday 12/10 PJ Drive Ends
  • Weeks of 12/21 - 1/1/16 - LISD Winter Break - NO SCHOOL


  • Monday 1/4 - School resumes
  • Friday 1/8 - Fun First Friday in 4th (Dress-Up) - Crazy Hair Day
  • Friday 1/15 -End of 1st Semester

Red Ribbon Week

Raise awareness of the benefits of avoiding dangerous drugs. RESPECT Yourself! Be Drug Free.

Monday 10/26 – Team UP against drugs!
  • wear your favorite team jersey/shirt
Tuesday 10/27 – Don't get mixed up in drugs!
  • mismatch your clothes
Wednesday 10/28 - Your future is too bright to use drugs!
  • wear neon colors
Thursday 10/29 – Put a cap on drugs!
  • wear a cap/hat - the crazier, the better
Friday 10/30 – Don't do drugs, read a book!
  • dress up as your favorite storybook character- must be elementary school appropriate- no scary characters, no masks or props


Dear 4th Grade Parents-

I sent home a letter with all 4th grade students over the last week announcing their 4th grade Veterans Day play. All dates, times, dress code, and more, are in that letter. That letter is attached in the event that you did not receive it.

Actors received their scripts earlier this week. If your child is an Actor, please check with them to ensure that they are working to pronounce the words correctly, speak fluidly with an animated voice, and are memorizing the lines. All lines must be memorized by Oct 26th.

I am extending the time that you can send me photos of Veterans (family and friends) to include in the slide show this year. The original cut off was October 9th. I will extend to October 16th. That needs to be a hard deadline.

I would like to Thank the parents of all the Actors, Stage Crew, and Production Managers for the extra effort you are making to ensure they get to rehearsals on Monday afternoons. Attendance is nearly perfect, and Thank You! for picking them up no later than 4:15. I can't tell you how much that helps me to get back to working in my room when they are picked up promptly.

Remaining rehearsals for Actors, Stage Crew, and Production Managers are:

Oct 19th

Oct 26th

Nov 2nd

Nov 9th

If a student is ill, or misses a rehearsal, please email me to let me know why they missed a critical rehearsal.

The play is Nov 11th. Full details in the attached document.

Also, below are links to 2 of the songs we will perform. The links are free, but they contain only about 1/2 of the song. I am hoping that you will share these links with your child to let them practice at home. You will be amazed at the improvement it makes at their program! Lyrics went home already, but a copy is attached just in case.

We will also perform the Star Spangled Banner and Lee Greenwood's Proud to be an American. I am not comfortable sending you a Youtube link for those. You never know what you will get. If you want to let them purchase an itunes version, or go on Youtube that is strictly up to you!

I look forward to seeing you on November 11th!

Thanks to all,

Mike Brymer

Performing Arts

Reagan Elementary

Grateful To Be American


American Tears


Writing STAAR update

To meet legislative requirements, the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) grades 4 and 7 writing assessments will be redesigned so they can be completed in one four-hour administration. In the current school year, the STAAR grades 4 and 7 writing assessments will be administered on Tuesday, March 29, 2016. Please update your travel and appointment calendars accordingly.