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The Taliban is a group of violent people. Taliban came about in the 1990s in the northern Pakistan. Taliban promised that they were going to restore peace, security and enforce their own law. Mullah Omar was the ruler from 1996 to 2001. Taliban has had many attacks on Kabul, and threatens Pakistan. This is a dangerous group of people.
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About Men

Men had to grow their beards out. They wore Islamic clothes and along with the hat. They provide and control the women and which is they can rape and or beat them. They have to pray five times at the mosque. The men can NOT be homosexual.
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About Women

Women wore all-covering burka. These burka don't expose none of the body. Girls 10 and older could not go to school, because it was not approved. Women could not laugh in public, wear perfume, and can't leave home without permission from father or husband. Women had the highest rate in suicide.


  • Television was banned
  • Music was banned
  • Taliban ruled Afghanistan
  • Internet banned
  • Kite Flying banned
  • Books banned
  • Celebrations banned (New Years, Labour Day & Weddings)
  • Can't clap at events
  • Can't laugh in public


Mullah Nazir was killed in January and four months later Waliur Rehman was killed in May by the Us. Later on in November of 2013 Hakimullah Mesud was reported dead.
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Mohammed Omar

Mohammed gave the group the name of Taliban. He led 50 religious students. He fought in the Freedom fighters, and as well as the Afghan civil war. He's lost an eye, and severe burns on his face. Later he became Mullah, a head leader.