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Information about the Bahama's

Bahamas capital is Nassau, and it is surrounded by the north atlantic ocean.The Bahama's has 700 islands,cays,and islets. The Bahama's population is 377,374.The terrain for the Bahama's is long,flat coral formations with some low rounded hills.The total area is 13,880 sq km.

More information about the Bahamas

The Bahama's culture involves many things,such as Bahamian music,finding hidden treasures,and food. It has a distinctive culture.The Bahamas climate lingers between 70-80 degrees fahrenheit.Some of the activities to do are boating,snorkeling,golfing,fishing,diving,beaches,and nature hiking.

Other information about the Bahamas

The flag of the Bahamas consist of a black triangle situated at the hoist with three horizontal aquamarine,yellow and aquamarine bands.The Bahamas government is unitary,has a constitutional monarchy, and a parliamentary system.The Bahamas is one of the wealthiest Caribbean countries with an economy heavily dependent on tourism and offshore banking. They purchase citrus,vegetables, and poultry. Tourism together with tourism-driven construction and manufacturing accounts for approximately 60% of GDP and directly or indirectly employs half of the archipelago's labor force.